How to Check the Quality of Furniture

High Quality FurnitureBefore scouring high quality furniture stores for the right sofa or love seat, you should know what to look for first. Not a particular piece or in a price range, per say, but how to tell if a piece is strong, durable, and long lasting. Something that will bring a big return on investment.

Check the composition and the construction of wood furniture in the high quality furniture stores.

Forbes advises that when shopping, to check the exposed surfaces of wood furniture to see if they’re scratch resistant. You can do this by, well, trying to scratch it with your finger nail. Not necessarily a damaging scratch (because then you’d have to buy the piece from the high quality furniture stores), but just try to draw a thin line with your fingernail. Forbes also advises that you check the wood for knots, which are susceptible to cracks.

Joint construction is also a tell tale sign of the furniture’s quality. Nails and staples are definitely a no go, and won’t lost long. Instead, dowels, which are wooden pegs slotted into two opposing holes, are good. The best kind of joints are either dovetail, which are interlocking squarish teeth, or mortise-and-tenon, which are the narrowed end of one piece inserted into a hole in the other.

Consider what kind of home you have when buying upholstered furniture.

Money Talk News advises that you consider your lifestyle, like your pets. If you have dogs that like to jump on the furniture (no matter what you do), then chances are suede and leather pieces from the high quality furniture stores are terrible ideas. Money Talks News advises, “If you have kids or pets, stick with dark colors and stain-resistant tough fabrics like linen or tweed.” It’s also a good idea to buy colors that you know you won’t get sick of. Although you’re sure you won’t get tired of the sunny yellow sofa, it’s much better to stick with darker or neutral pieces from the high quality furniture stores.

Whether you shop at high quality furniture stores, or popular furniture stores, or affordable furniture stores, you’re going to want a store that values customer trust and loyalty, because those pieces of furniture are going to last you a long time. No matter what, you need to make sure of the quality of the furniture so that you get the best return on your investment.

If you have any questions about how to shop at high quality furniture stores, feel free to ask in the comments.

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