How Safe Is the Workplace Where You Are Employed?

Rigging hardware

It is a sad story.
The 42-year old husband and father of three was painting the two story entryway to his home. His wife and daughter were gone for the weekend and his two sons were outside in the yard. In fact, the husband planned the project when he knew that his wife would be away from home. The ladder placement was precarious and the job really should not have taken too long. It was such a small job, in fact, that the husband refused to hire anyone to come in and finish the project.
All was going as planned. Right up until the time when it was not. It happened quickly. The painting husband leaned just a little too far to the right, the ladder slipped, and the awkward pose on the ladder created a head over heals fall that was scary and nearly fatal. Landing on his head with the ladder tipping over Continue reading