How to Find the Best People for a Sales Career Path

Sales recruiters

Any successful business has a successful team of sales people. After all, sales reps are the bridge between business partners, customers, and your business. If you hire a sales rep who does not understand the ins-and-outs of your business and the needs of your clients, your business will have a hard time competing in the crowded waters of business.

The State of the Industry%3Cbr%3E

There are over 22 million sales people in North America. Frankly, less than half of those have what it takes to build lasting connections and make your company the money it needs. For this reason, sales team turnover is over 40% annually. Did you know that hiring sales reps who have no idea what they are doing can cost your company six to 10 times their base salary? As can be seen, the sales industry is overcrowded, Continue reading