Three Areas of the Law That Impact Your Daily Life

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How familiar are you with the different areas of law in the United States? Some areas of law are more popular than other areas of law. For this reason, they gain more attention from the public. For instance, some areas of law like civil rights, environmental law and criminal justice seem to be more newsworthy law subjects than others like mergers and acquisitions or commercial cases. Whether or not a segment of law is popular to the widespread public, they all are important and essential for keeping our country up and running. Continue reading

4 Possible Penalties for Medicare Fraud Cases

Judge vaughn r. walker

In 2016, three owners of 30 skilled nursing and assisted living facilities in Florida was involved in biggest ever medical fraud that netted him about $1 billion since 2009. This is a single indication of the depth of fraud in the medical industry, which is one of the most regulated industries in the United States. As such, fraudsters are usually met with hard retribution and verdicts that put their companies and assets at risk. But today, legal help can help with making the whole process of a fraud case as feasible as possible.

Distinguishing Medical Fraud from Mere Mistakes
Typically, a fraud is a scheme that the alleged participants knowingly provide falsehood with the intent of achieving a financial gain. It is not a situation whereby a mistake is made, resulting in the patient getting billed Continue reading