Smart Business Signage 101 How A Good Location Can Save You Money And Snag You More Customers

Electronic led sign

Signs are like a handshake or a smile. They’re a first impression for your business, the primary way for people to understand what you have to offer among a sea of competition. When your sign is difficult to find, hard to read or visually unappealing? It’s the very definition of a limp wrist or food between your teeth. Marquee signs for schools and electronic signs for business all have the same goal at the end of the day and that’s to get a strong message across the best way possible. Not everyone is well-versed in the art of the sign, so brush up on your own knowledge and make sure you give your establishment a fighting chance at success.

If people can’t find your sign, they can’t find your business or establ Continue reading

Why Digital Signs for Schools and Businesses Attract Attention

Outdoor school signs

Unlike advertising, LED signs are viewed as information rather than persuasion. Widely used by businesses, schools and churches to inform passers-by of important events and happenings, they provoke interest rather than annoyance. Perhaps it’s their practical, non-intrusive nature, but for whatever reason, outdoor led signs like digital signs for schools attract attention and serve a number of purposes. They let people know you’re there, they share important information, and they attract walk-ins.

Signs help people to find you
Signs let people know you’re there. Digital signs for businesses, schools and churches aren’t viewed as advertising, but they work to attract attention and bring i Continue reading