Three Reasons Why Your Kid’s School Needs a Marquee Sign

Led business signs

Marquee signs for schools? At first, the notion of digital school signs might seem a bit strange to you. It will only seem strange, though, until you think about how important it is to have a sign that can be changed quickly by the administration and read easily by all of the parents and children.

The fact is, there are many reasons that marquee signs for school make complete sense, but to keep it brief, here are three.

1.) A school marquee, just like it would for a business, lets folks know where you are.

When you think about it in a business sense, you might consider a small, independent jeweler located in a crowded strip mall. If it weren’t for that outdoor LED sign, you might never find that upstart jeweler’s business. You might wonder why parents and kids who go to that school would need a sign t Continue reading