Price Tag Holders for Retail Shelving

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Creating and maintaining the proper relationship between your business and its clients is absolutely essential, regardless of industry. Customers can relate to and tend to respect transparency with prices and policies with any given business. One way to communicate your business?s product prices and other inventory information is through the strategic use of price tag holders on your shelving.

Price tag or price label holders are intended to be used in tandem with a number of shelving styles and custom retail displays for maximum ease of use and changeability. No matter what type of business you run, price label holders can help optimize customer convenience and satisfaction by keeping your company?s merchandise and its prices easy to read and understand. Just as importantly, they can hel Continue reading

Understanding the Effectiveness of Proper Retail Merchandising

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As a retail store owner, defining and optimizing your retail space is a critical part of merchandising. When you think about the amount of space you have, keep in mind that walls also cover part of your retail space and it’s important to capitalize on them. Walls are perhaps the most underused space by retailers. You may have 600 square feet of floor space, but when you consider the walls, you have an extra 200 square feet when you incorporate shelving and wall mounted display racks and stands to the walls.

Retail space is like a silent sales agent that has to be coupled with effective visual merchandise techniques to promote and lure customers into purchasing. Here are great tips and product display ideas that can improve your sales significantly.

Tricks of the trade
The first th Continue reading

How a Creative Label Display Stand Can Attract Customers

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In the world today, consumerism is more popular than ever. With so many avenues of advertising and commercialism, a consumer has never had more options for shopping and buying items than ever before. According to a recent study, every day on average consumers will find themselves exposed to 3,000 ads and promotional messages. Most businesses and companies create products that are very similar in terms of product quality, and thus it is up to a business to creatively diversify themselves from their competition. This can be done through advertising and can also be done through creating a label display stand to bring customers in to your business. A new label display stand is not the only way in which your business can stand out from the rest. Below is a great guide as to how you should approach this new strategy of Continue reading