Advantages of Portable Buildings for Church or School Settings

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Portable buildings are made out of modular buildings and are created with the intention of a temporary structure. They are used in different industries, but most commonly in schools and churches. They are extremely beneficial to these businesses, almost acting as a part of the traditional building. Portable buildings for sale may be used in the following situations.

Overflow of students or worshippers
There are some situations that cause an overflow of students or worshippers. For example, student visit days often produce a crowded campus. Students may not have enough room to eat lunch in the lunch room. There may not be enough desks for the visiting students in each of the classrooms. In a church setting, special worship days, like Christmas or Easter can lead to an overcrow Continue reading

How Modular Buildings Are Replacing On-Site Models As The Superior Eco-Friendly Model

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Do you want to start your own Sunday school program? How about tutoring studio for community college students? There are a lot of big dreams out there that need a little help getting off the ground and this is where the modular building comes in. Built in a short amount of time with all the necessary amenities to function comfortably, this incredibly useful and eco-friendly resource is becoming more popular than ever as of late. Instead of spending an excess amount of money on expensive and static building projects, eliminate the middleman and go for modular or portable buildings instead. Below are the top five questions asked about portable cabins to help you know exactly what you’re paying for.

How Quickly Is A Modular Building Created?

Did you know some modular homes can be bu Continue reading

7 Tips to Keeping Your Portable Buildings Pest Free

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More and more organizations and individuals are finding uses for modular and portable buildings. Not all modular building are portable but when they are, they can be very useful. Portable classrooms, in particular, are very useful. They are also cheaper to build. Portable classrooms are between 36% and 77% less costly than traditional classrooms to build. School districts like these buildings because it takes less time to get them delivered, this is the reason they are used 35% of the time. The changing nature of student enrollment is the next greatest reason they are used, that is the reason in 26% of the cases. Lastly, the cost of the units is less than traditional classroom, whi Continue reading