Using The Right RFP Management Software Keeps You Ahead Of The Game

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In today’s world, there are thousands of different types of businesses that need solutions from outside sources. If your company is one of those businesses that can make the difference with the solutions that you provide, you need to present proposals that will not only capture the attention of a business but capture the account itself. Are you fully prepared to do that? Do you have the rfp management software to thoroughly propose your services?

Right now there are 26.5 million businesses in the United States alone. When your company is putting together a proposal creation that requires a significant product or system design that is valued in the range of tens of millions of dollars, the cost to do this can be upwards Continue reading

Four Benefits to Proposal Software

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In this technological age, advancements in technology have affected every part of society and business. Salespeople have many new types of software to employ to make their lives easier, especially those who are required to respond to requests for proposals, be they government contract proposals or civilian. Bidding on government contracts is especially complicated, making RFP proposal software particularly valuable. Here are four of the benefits of RFP proposal software that a business can use to their advantage.

  1. Better Time Management: Using quality Continue reading

5 Tips to Help You Win When Bidding on Government Contracts

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You are in the market of federal contracting, and you want to win with the best proposal creation you can come up with. Here are some tips that will help you to win when you are bidding on government contracts.

Be the early bird and get the worm!

It is no secret that there will be a lot of competition on one contract. So in order to get the started on the best footing, start your proposal pricing as early as you can. The earlier the better, as that will help you organize your project management teams along with giving your technical team the best data available. The Continue reading