What Is Prototype PCB Assembly And How Does It Work?

Prototype circuit boards

Without computers where would we be? It’s hard to imagine a reality without the ease and access of laptops and home computers at our everyday disposal. Thanks to the advent of advanced prototype PCB manufacturing, this is a form of technology that will only get better and better with the creative minds of artists and engineers alike — also known as PCB fabrication, this method allows new and inventive ideas to be brought to the table without sacrificing quality or reliability. Businesses and manufacturing plants alike are always seeking out the quickest and most efficient ways of producing what is essentially the heart of any given electronic product, from computers to phones, and prototype PCB man Continue reading

9 Tips and Tricks to Designing a Prototype PCB

Pcb fabrication

Prototype PCBs are complex little pieces of technology. But they don’t have to be confusing! So here are some tips on how to properly design and layout printed circuit boards.

1. Ensure the important nodes are accessible

This is important so in case there is a electrical failure down the line, you will be able to inspect all the important nodes to find where it is being short circuited.

2. Put adequate space between the components

You will need to route the wires efficiently, so spacing is incredibly important so you will have enough room! Proper spacing will also make soldering easier down the line.

3. Number your components

This helps you keep track of everything so you do not miss a step! Number one should be placed in the upper left hand corner, then move down and across.
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