From RFPs To Proposals Considering Government Contracts

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The United States has always been a country made for entrepreneurship. People who are hungry to start new businesses come to the U.S. for opportunities — and if they have great ideas that they are willing to fight for, they can be very successful. One of the most coveted possibilities for a business owner, especially for the owners of businesses that are relatively small, is a government contract. A government contract essentially guarantees that a certain amount of product or services will be bought for a certain amount of money, often within a specified time frame. It is more reliable than almost any other kind of business contract, particularly because it is in fact sponsored by the government. As one can imagine, the competition for government contracts is high. While all businesses differ from one anoth Continue reading

Does Your Business Need Help Preparing and Submitting Proposals?

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We are a data driven company. Educators compile data to measure the success of both teachers and students. Companies request detailed data any time someone is submitting a bid for a job or any tome a company is being considered for purchase or for sale. And while many accountants and office managers used to spend hours preparing complicated spreadsheets for each proposal and report, today the most efficient government agencies, schools, and businesses purchase proposal writing software to make all of these tasks more manageable.
Personal Pricing Software Allows Small Businesses to Compete with Larger Companies for Government Contracts
Request for proposal (RFP) software levels the playing field for businesses of all sized. Whether it is a small data center applying responding to a Continue reading