7 Tips to Beginning a Career in Sales

How to write a sales job description

There are 22 million sales professionals working in the U.S. alone. That’s a lot of competition for someone just starting out. If you’re trying to launch a career in sales, here are seven tips to help you get started:

  1. Close the sale

    Look at your cover letter and interview as your first big sale. Hiring managers are going to look for candidates who know how to close a sale. Even if you are just starting a career in sales and have no experience, proving you can close a deal better than the next guy will be the difference between an offer and no call back. In fact, experience often isn’t what hiring managers look for first.
  2. Focus on what matters

    Instead of dwelling on a lack of experience, focus on showing you have what i Continue reading

Hire the Clever Way When You Use Sales Recruiting Firms

Sales recruitment agencies

Have you ever heard the saying “Money makes the world go round?” As much a we’d like to think that’s not true, it remains a staple of doing business. Sales and marketing are an important part of almost every industry, driving sales and presenting their company in a specific light that can help boost revenue. However, finding good sales people can be tricky — you need a good mix of confidence, charisma, and persistence to do well in sales. Finding someone that connects well others both in your industry and company and with clients can feel like an impossible task, especially considering that studies have shown that around 40% of sales will miss the quota they’re given, a little over 20% are untrainable, and only a small percentage — 10% — will provide the company with a return on investment. Howev Continue reading