Why Digital Signs for Schools and Businesses Attract Attention

Outdoor school signs

Unlike advertising, LED signs are viewed as information rather than persuasion. Widely used by businesses, schools and churches to inform passers-by of important events and happenings, they provoke interest rather than annoyance. Perhaps it’s their practical, non-intrusive nature, but for whatever reason, outdoor led signs like digital signs for schools attract attention and serve a number of purposes. They let people know you’re there, they share important information, and they attract walk-ins.

Signs help people to find you
Signs let people know you’re there. Digital signs for businesses, schools and churches aren’t viewed as advertising, but they work to attract attention and bring i Continue reading

3 Awesome Ways to Use an LED Sign for Your Church

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Is your congregation dwindling? Or perhaps you have noticed new people moving into your area but they haven’t come to inquire about when your next service is? Maybe you just want another way to grow your community. Well, maybe a church marquee sign is a good strategy to try.

Perhaps you don’t have a sign at all and are wondering why they are so important. Maybe you heard a rumor about the great return on investment that LED signs have. But it’s not clicking. Did you know that 35% of customers wouldn’t have found a business if they didn’t have a sign? Or that 85% of a business’s patrons live or work near it (within five miles, to be specific)? More than a third of people look at an outdoor sign most of the time when they pass it.

So what do those random facts mean? They’re mostly ab Continue reading

Old-School With a Twist How Full Color LED Signs Can Increase Sales

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If you own your own business, you want to be standing out from the rest of the brick-and-mortar stores. You need something different that can lend you a little pizzazz. You might be at a loss for how to achieve that effectively without spending oodles of money. Advertising your business can feel like a full time job in it of itself, and you’re worrying about running the business, after all! Luckily for you, there’s a simple way to really stand out — try investing in full color LED signs or electronic signs for business. Everyone has a plain sign that advertises where they are, but something in full color or a marquee sign will certainly catch someone Continue reading