4 Ways Job Seekers Can Separate Themselves From The Pack

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If you’re trying to look for a new job, you know how frustrating and scary it can be to apply for a new position and try and find a way to stick out from the rest. You want your potential employer to look at your resume and cover letter and just think, “I would love to have this person work for me!” Landing a job interview can be a great feeling, and getting the call that you got the job is incredibly exciting and makes us feel accomplished and proud. If you are looking for a new job and need to find ways to stand out from your competitors, here are some simple tips. If you’re having a rough time looking for jobs to begin with, try using a staffing agency!

1. Use action words when highlighting your past experience

When describing your past experience, you want to make sure you use words lik Continue reading

5 Ways You Can Increase Employee Satisfaction

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As a manager or executive, it often falls on your to keep your employees satisfied at work. Not only does this increase employee retention, but it also boosts productivity and sense of purpose. While it may seem like a daunting task to make your employees happier overnight, there are specific steps you can take to make a change gradually. Follow these tips to keep your staff as satisfied as possible at work and to make working at your company an attractive employment opportunity.

  • Increase Transparency: Your employees should know what is happening in the company. Otherwise, they will not feel part of a team. Communicate all successes, failures, and plans to help your employees understand their purpose.
  • Communicate Growth Opportunities: Whether you are wo Continue reading