When Was Your Last Employee Safety Training Session?

Fall protection courses

How safe do you feel when you work? Do you feel your employer does everything possible to make sure that you are properly trained and carefully protected when you are on the job? Hopefully, the answers to both of those questions is yes. In fact, an entire industry is centered around making sure that workers are well protected when they are on the job. From providing training in fall protection to making sure that the right kinds of wire rope slings are used, companies provide both equipment and training to make sure that workplaces are safe and productive at the same time.
In some small companies, one or two people on staff may serve double roles, from making sure that the proper safety equipment is both available and in working order and ensuring that all workers are properly trained in any of th Continue reading

Fall Protection Systems Keeping Employers And Employees Safe

Crane training

The last thing anyone wants is for people to get hurt on the job. Unfortunately, it does still happen a lot more than it should. With that being said, workplace injuries and illnesses are down. In 1972, there were 10.9 incidents per 100 workers. In 2011, there were just 3.4 incidents per 100 workers. One of the reasons why this rate has gone down is perhaps a reduction in workplace falls. And part of the reason why there has been a reduction in workplace falls is due to the creation of OSHA fall protection systems. OSHA fall protection systems have helped cut down on the amount of people being injured on the job — or even possibly killed. People don’t hav Continue reading

Material Handling Industry

Lifting equipment

Since antiquity, civilization has been reliant on cranes to lift and move heavy objects, and even the Ancient Greeks utilized cranes. However, ancient cranes were powered by men or animals, such as donkeys. Today, the material handling industry relies on sophisticated cranes that are powered by various types of combustion engines. During the last half of the 19th Century, the Industrial Revolution was heavily impacted by cranes that are powered by steam. The material handling industry involves a number of different types of lifting gear, and crane safety is of most importance.

There are different types of slings that are used with certain types of cranes and lifting slings, such as web slings, wire rope slings, and chain slings. Chain slings are usually used for harsh and demanding conditions that other types of slings would not survive. Steel mills, for example, use chain slings. Information about crane and rigging training can be found on the web by using social networks and business directories. Review sites also provide information about crane safety training as well. Steel brushing chain is often used on vehicles that had rear wheel drive in 1903. Furthermore, steel brushing chains were used in conjunction with the propeller drive in the Write Brother’s plane. More information about the material handling industry can be found on the web.