3 Tips to Help You Stick Out At a Trade Show

Trade show display exhibits

So you are going to a trade show to promote your small business. You are planning on gaining perspective customers, putting your face out there, and demonstrating your product. But, in order to generate leads you have to stand out from the crowd. There are hundreds of other companies at the trade show, so your goal is to make your customer remember you. Follow some of these tips to help you stick out from the crowd.

Be different!

A consumer at a trade show spends on average nine and a half hours viewing exhibits. So not only does your exhibit design have to be distinctive, so does your clothing! If you are promoting a business that has to do with sports, Continue reading

Need To Set Up A Booth? Brush Up On Your Graphic Design First

Trade show exhibits

Creating your very own booth to sell your wares or services is one of the most fulfilling parts of upholding a small business. The flip-side, however, is that it’s an incredibly involving process that requires you brush up on your graphic design homework and apply those marketing skills you use in the day-to-day. Exhibit rentals are a combination of placement, location and communicative design that can make or break your vital first impression. Creating shoddy, unattractive or cluttered graphic design can run the risk of turning off your customer base. If you’re interested in learning more about custom exhibit design and what you can do to boost the quality of your exhibit re Continue reading