Cleaning With Less Moisture From Steam To Dry Ice

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We need to take staying clean seriously — certainly more seriously than we do. Too often, Americans assume that because something looks clean it is clean. This is far from the case. Cleaning takes a lot of time and effort, and in terms of industrial and commercial areas, the right equipment. Of course, in some industries staying clean is about more than being courteous; it’s what can make or break a company. In the hotel industry, for example, the presence of bed bugs can shut down a single hotel or even an entire chain in the long term, permanently ruining its reputation. In the food services and packaging industries, an investigation that reveals unclean facilities spells disaster. Therefore, it is wise for companies to invest in the right cleaning tools and machines — no matter how expensive. The cost of trying to bounce back from failing to meet cleanliness standards is much higher. Still, many are unaware of the different options available when it comes to deep cleaning, and certainly don’t understand how they work. Below, we’ll look into different cleaning machines, like the commercial dry steam cleaner, as well as different techniques, like dry ice blasting and dry vapor steam. The right approach to cleaning isn’t just a matter of looking could — it could save lives.

The Cleanliness Issue Today

We often compare hygiene standards of today to those of the past and assume that we’re doing well. Unfortunately, cleanliness is still a major issue around the world. While, contrary to popular myths you likely won’t get sick simply from being in in a “dirty” environment because it’s dirty, the unseen viruses, bacteria, and toxins in such environments are worth worrying about. Even in hospitals, we can’t be sure that things are as clean as they should be. The Center for Disease Control estimates that 100,000 people die each year from diseases contracted in hospitals. Had such hospitals used the proper cleaning tools and techniques, perhaps such tragedies could have been avoided. Of course, hospitals aren’t the only ones guilty of improper cleaning — the CDC also reports that each year, one in six Americans gets sick from consuming tainted food or beverages. Of course, for commercial businesses in general there is a practical aspect regarding the need to stay clean. People will not patronize businesses if they look unclean. In a recent survey, 29% of respondents said that they would never go back to a restaurant with an unsanitary bathroom.

Commercial Dry Steam Cleaners And Steam Cleaning Methods

Commercial steam generators have long been favored in the cleaning industry for many reasons. For one thing, a commercial dry steam cleaner tends to be less messy than other cleaning methods. A commercial dry steam cleaner can eliminate a chemical residue, while at the same time sanitizing the surface area. With only 1.5 quarts of water being consumed per hour through this method, it leaves virtually no mess. Industrial steam cleaners also really work. It’s believed that steam can kill 99% of common household germs and bacteria like E.Coli, salmonella, and staph, along with dust mites and bed bugs. Steam can also be applied to many different surface areas. When superheated steam was used to clean faucets handles and paper towel dispensers handles, they had 1/10th of the germs left over compared to what was leftover when traditional cleaning methods were used. Even very basic methods that rely on steam and vapor are effective. When dust mites are an issue, you should launder the problem item in water that is at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit, or alternatively treat the surface with a tannic acid solution. Why? Because vapor systems can penetrate surfaces thoroughly with temperatures in excess of 180 degrees.

Dry Ice Blasting

Many are less familiar with dry ice blasting as a cleaning method, but it’s very effective. This system produces a high temperature, low moisture. The vapor contains only 5% to 6% moisture, which is less dense than the air we breathe. It produces similar results to steam cleaning. Lessening moisture during cleaning creates a less messy, more genuinely clean surface.

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