Cleanliness is Next to Productivity The Benefits of a Clean Work Environment

When to look for a janitorial service

Dirt, dust, clutter, and filth seem to be a regular part of the human condition that requires a dedication of time and effort to correct. It is estimated that the average person spends up to a year and a half of their life cleaning; of course, some people clean more than others so this can vary. This obsession with cleanliness is due to a variety of factors including health concerns, lapses in productivity, and a general disgust of untidy or dirty areas. With more and more janitorial franchises being founded throughout the country, many homeowners and businesses alike have taken advantage of professional neat-freaks to keep homes, restaurants, and offices clean and tidy without devoting the time to clean.

The Consequences of a Dirty Environment

A dirty environment can have several effects on the individuals in that environment. Dust, mites, and allergens can be embedded in carpets and occupy vents; no wonder there is a direct correlation between dirty offices and employee health as 71% of workers believe that they were made ill due to dirty office spaces. A majority of office workers believe that clutter actually hampers productivity as well, as many office workers judge their co-workers based on organization and cleanliness. It is believed that American offices have wasted time equivalent to billions of dollars cumulatively every year thanks to lost items due to poor organization — for this reason many businesses are only too happy to invest in professional janitorial franchises to ensure that no time is lost looking through clutter.

The Dangers of Cleaning

While a dirty environment can pose some health concerns, individuals also have to take care when using certain cleaning products as well. At the present time there are approximately 17,000 petrochemicals that are freely available for home use as cleaners, however only 30% of these have been tested for exposure to human health and environmental impact — in fact, several studies actually link ingredients present in some cleaners to cancer and other serious health defects. Due to these chemical cleaning products it is believed that indoor air pollution levels are up to 100 times higher than outdoor air pollution levels. Many janitorial franchises make it a point to only use natural cleaning products that have been safely tested on humans, animals, and the environment to make little or no impact.

Hiring Professional Janitorial Franchises

Hiring an office cleaning service is an investment in one’s company that can lead to several changes for the better. Businesses with outsourced janitorial services have seen a significant decrease in the number of sick days employees take — suffice to say that a dirty environment has the potential to harbor airborne pathogens more than a clean environment would. From a cost perspective, many companies have found value by outsourcing their janitorial services; this means that businesses avoid the cost of the cleaning supplies while freeing up space that could be better utilized in the office. Moreover, since most cleaning agencies work second or third shift when most employees are getting off or at home, there is no major impact on productivity for employees. For those looking for a professional and dedicated cleaning service to improve the health and productivity of their workers, count on the growing number of janitorial franchises that are sprouting all around the nation to keep your office spotless.

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