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CNN business offers the latest news, stories, insights and articles on local and international business, finance and economics. So whether you are a small business owner or a professional in the field of commerce or business, CNN business is one of your best sources of information. CNN business reports on the latest and most significant business news today. If you have not been tuning in to CNN World Business Today or CNN Money, here are what you can get from CNN business news.

CNN business is all about business and more. CNN business has the most important business news stories in and around the country. The news are as divers and as relevant as they can get. For example, one of the most recent CNN business reports today is about the recession, where we are now, where we have been and where we are going. The news report on the recession does not end there. The Cnn business reporters takes an in depth look on how these trends in recession affect businesses, business owners and even the consumers. Of course there is the analysis on how the recession affects businesses in the country and the different industries. So regardless of where you are in the field of business, CNN business stories and report will give you the insights that you need to prepare and direct your business.

Second there are the CNN business articles. These articles are as important as the news. Some of the articles are interesting as they are informative. For example, you can read an article about a different report on business travel. In this article you can read about how it is predicted that hotels will soon become the new offices of the future. According to the news article the moment Starbucks opened its doors to internet users with its free WiFi, people have started to bring their work in a more relaxed and comfortable environment, such as Starbucks. Hotels are now looking at the possibility of attracting more customers who will come to the hotel not just to eat and sleep but also to do their work. Marriott for example started offering rooms at $50 an hour to attract these business people who want to use the place for meeting or work.

Third, Cnn small business offers the most relevant information and news for small business owners. For example, CNN reports on how the health care will affect businesses in the coming years. CNN closely monitors this topic and have reports from the different states and business that have already been affected by the reform. Moreover, you can find report on how small businesses cope with these changes and how some businesses opted to be small because of the mandate. For any business owner, the small business reports offer great insights that offer clear solutions to the many challenges they face today.

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Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd, an investment banker, is a reporter and researcher for one of London’s leading media outlets. Formerly a trader and market maker at FTSE, she turned to media during the global recession. This website features some of her best and favourite articles, from all parts of the business world. Please let her guide you and your enterprise along the path to prosperity.