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Driveway contractor

Are you looking for local contractors to repair your existing driveway? Or perhaps you’re in the process of remodeling your home and want to update your exterior space with a brand-new concrete driveway. You may also have other areas outside your home that are in need of repair as well, such as walkways and patios.

If you just moved into a new house and the driveway has seen better days, one of the many benefits of having a new concrete driveway constructed is that there are a variety of colors available. In fact, colored concrete is available in over 250 hues and shades.

Another benefit of having a new driveway installed is that when well-maintained, it will usually last for 25 to 50 years. While your driveway contractor will be able to provide you with specific information on how to take good care of your new driveway, common sense usually rules. In other words, avoid using chemicals on your driveway and whenever something is spilled, clean it up as soon as possible. A regular good hose-down may also be recommended.

While the size of the driveway you want will depend on several factors, including shape and style, it’s important to consider the number of vehicles you have. If you would like to have a one-car driveway, you’ll usually need a width of 8 to 9 feet. For a two-car driveway, the average width is usually between 15 to 18 feet. If you’re planning to have plant beds and other landscaping along your drive, you may want to have a wider driveway to make allowances for this.

When you live in an area that experiences heavy weather, as well as to accommodate cleaning, you want your finished pavement to slope at least 1/4 of an inch per foot. If your driveway is at an incline, however, you will want to make sure that there are allowances made for drainage.

Whether you’re putting in a new driveway or need minor or major repairs, it’s important to work with qualified contractors so that the job is handled correctly. Furthermore, professional contractors are aware of construction codes so you can rest assured that these will be met.

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