Dos and Don’ts for Trade Shows

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Trade shows are crucial for any small business owner for promoting their products and services. In light of the big day, there are some things to keep in mind in order to be fully prepared. Here are some trade show Dos and Don’ts to be aware of.


Have goals

It is important to know exactly what you are getting into and why you are doing it. Think about what you hope to accomplish when you go, do you want to focus on getting your name out there or do you want to focus on making actual sales? Are you looking for serious investors, or are you looking to figure out the competition? Keeping these goals in mind is pivotal to the overall success of the trade show, as it will help you properly plan.

Get a good booth spot

Location is everything, so make sure to sign up ahead of time to make sure you have prime location! Ideally, you will want to be where the majority of traffic is, but not in a space that gets too easily cluttered.

Get creative

Your exhibit is the first thing consumers notice about you. Trade show booth designs are the first impression a client will have, and if they do not see something that catches their eye they most likely will not stop. Consider doing custom exhibits, as a custom exhibit design will resonate with the client and help them remember you after the show. There will be hundreds of others at the show, so implement something to your custom exhibits that will set you apart! Examples can be giveaways, interactive games along with an interactive exhibit designs, or larger than life examples of your product.


Start a conversation without the proper introductions

Always be friendly and ask for the consumer’s name, title of job, and reason for being at the show. Knowing this information will help you cater to their needs better during your pitch.

Ignore body language

Body language is incredibly important at trade shows, and keeping this in mind will bring more clients to your tables. Stand with a smile on your face and your arms open instead of crossed.

Talk badly about the competition

You need to always stay positive, and doing this can be unsettling to the client. You want to give the impression that you are trustworthy, and deserve their business.

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Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd

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