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Have you had your fire sprinkler system checked recently? Fire hazards are numerous and complex disasters, with something as simple as a misplaced spark or faulty wiring capable of causing major damage to both people and the environment. A fire alarm contractor is a trained professional who can both inspect as well as install everything from commercial fire alarms to new sprinkler systems in your work or home area of choice, alongside providing tips on safety and maintenance throughout the year. Below is some simple information on the ins and outs of a fire sprinkler system, the difference between a fire alarm and sprinkler and how a little extra protection can mean the difference between daily safety and a hazard. The aftermath of a fire is difficult, and can even be tragic, but preventing them is one of the easiest things you can do.

Fire Safety In The U.S.

Fire safety is an important issue that can only be bolstered through repeated awareness and technological know-how. Every year the United States sees hotel and motel fires around the country, resulting in an estimated $76 million in property loss. The National Fire Protection Association (known as the NFPA) has founded repeated evidence that the simple installation of a properly working sprinkler can drastically reduce fire-related deaths and severe injuries. Some of the most common reasons for fire include, but are not limited to, confined cooking spaces, electrical malfunction and neglect. Sprinkler systems are composed of ever evolving technology to stop a fire right in its tracks.

Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems are built with highly sensitive and complex technology that activate at the presence of smoke in the air. The average quick response sprinkler releases anywhere from eight to 24 gallons of water per minute, compared to the 80 to 125 gallons per minute of the average fire hose, and both reduce water damage as well as fire risk. The combination of automatic sprinklers alongside early warning systems in buildings drastically reduce the likelihood of injuries caused by fires, estimated at 50% or more according to recent studies. A fire alarm should be coupled with a sprinkler system to better reduce the chances of a fire growing out of control.

Fire Alarms

On the other hand, fire alarms are used to detect the presence of smoke in the air and notify any and all residents of an apartment complex, house or building of potential danger. Fire alarms are an absolute necessity, so much so that recent regulations have been established to reduce the likelihood of an accident if one is turned off for reasons such as repair or installation. Local fire departments as well as hospitals must establish a fire watch for any and all buildings that need to, however temporarily, turn off their fire alarm systems. Certain industries are at an increased risk for high-rise fires, such as apartments and hotels, and need particular care to ensure they are properly covered all days of the year.

Staying Safe

Any and all methods and technology should be utilized every day to stay safe from the possibility of a fire. Buildings with fire sprinkler systems and fire alarm services should get their machinery inspected every year to stave off potential faulty wiring or reduced efficiency. Simple day-to-day habits include turning off your electrical-based technology when you’re finished using it, throwing away damaged charger cables and keeping flammable items away from heaters or lamps. Your building should be well-ventilated as well as have multiple avenues of escape should a fire occur. Being proactive with your technology today could keep you safe tomorrow as well as save hundreds of lives every year — call your local fire system professional, get your fire sprinkler systems checked and see what other measures you can take to stay safe.

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