Five Rules for Creating an Effective Car Wrap

Tips for great car wrap advertising

Our society is absolutely saturated with marketing; consumers are generally so accustomed to advertisement that their brain naturally tunes it out. Billboards have the same impact of neutral-colored wallpaper. They use commercials on TV to take their bathroom breaks. They flip right past magazine ads. Marketers have to get really creative in order to catch the consumer’s eyes. This is why marketing with vehicle wraps is becoming one of the fastest growing marketing tools.

Not only does marketing with vehicle wraps expose consumers to your advertisement while they are on the road and have nothing else to look at, the uniqueness of marketing with vehicle wraps really stands out and makes an impression. If you are considering marketing with vehicle wraps for your business, check out our easy tips for getting the most bang for your buck.

Five Tips for Effective Advertising With Custom Car Wraps

  1. Only Use Professional Designs.

    Consumers are very well-versed in marketing designs. Your potential customers will be able to tell if you are using Microsoft clip art in your logo (or any aspect of your car wrap design). When you do this, the message that you convey in your branding is that you cut corners. People who see your auto wraps will assume that you also cut corners in the products or services that you offer. If you are going through the effort and expense to have your vehicle professionally wrapped, do it the right way and use a professional design that really conveys the spirit of your brand; this is essential for leaving the mark that you want on your potential customers.
  2. Avoid Photos of People.

    This is not a hard and fast rule; sometimes photographs convey well on vehicles. However, not often. Do you remember when humanoids were first introduced in computer animation (think: the Polar Express movie)? They looked extremely realistic, but something was off about it, and it made it look sort of creepy. When a giant face buzzes by a person on the road, this is the impact that it has. It is possible for it to work, but you are better off not trying and getting it wrong.

    Not to mention, other passengers on the road will be drawn to look at the photo instead of your call to action, or important information about your business, which dilutes the impact of the message you want to convey.
  3. Keep Words to a Minimum.

    Yes, we know your service van is large and gives you a lot of space to work with. However, words clutter the message you want to communicate to other people who drive alongside your wrapped vehicle, and lessens the impact of your marketing campaign. Keep in mind, consumers will see your car for a few moments, focus on your call to action. Avoid any unnecessary words. And — please — say “NO!” to bulleted lists; while it makes sense if you are posting an ad in the newspaper and readers have all day to look it over, these make it hard for customers to get the important information as you buzz past them on the road.
  4. Think Outside the Box.

    There are a few design elements that are commonly repeated in the auto wrap industry. When you go with a design that is catchy but overdone, it makes your vehicle blend in with other wrapped vehicles and it loses it’s “Wow!” factor. Instead, eliminate cluttered backgrounds and stereotypical designs. Create something that the consumers you are trying to reach have never seen, so that your message really gets across to them and soaks in.
  5. Keep it Simple!

    You may have picked up that this is really the theme behind our article. If the viewer needs to take more than a few moments to understand what your service offers, the impact will be next to nil. The important element that you want to include in your design should be:

    • Your branding (or logo).
    • A short and sweet tagline.
    • A call to action: your website, phone number, and/or social media logos, so consumers know how to find you.

    Anything else you include in your design should only eccentuate these items, not dilute them!

Do you have tips for creating an effective vehicle wrap? Please share below!

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Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd

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