Four Ideas for a School LED Sign During the Summer

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Having school electronic signs are great to display custom messages throughout the year. It’s understandable to wonder what to use these signs for during the summer. The fact that school has ended doesn’t mean school LED signs won’t be visible to many people. Over 37 percent of people report viewing an outdoor advertisement most of the time they pass one. You will want to find the right type of messages to use on your LED sign throughout the year. An LED sign company can help you come up with ideas for the entries you are about to see. In this post, you will learn four ideas for LED signs for schools during the summer.

  • Promote Local Arts: Many schools have various elective departments including drama, choir, glee club, and much more. One problem facing many schools is a lack of funding for certain departments. It’s a great idea to use your LED school sign to promote these local events. Letting the public known about local upcoming plays and performances works to increase ticket sales. A school with popular ticket sales receives more funding for other areas of the school. One study found that 58 percent of people over 18 found out about an event they wanted to attend through the use of outdoor signage.
  • Inspiring Message: The summer is a time for relaxation for many. You might still choose to have a weekly message of inspiration for the community. Placing weekly quotes are a great idea that many local businesses use. It serves as helpful words of wisdom and keeps the public eye placed on your LED sign every week. Many local sports team will be preparing for the upcoming season during summer. It’s common for football in many towns to really start happening during the first summer practices. You could choose to include a message of inspiration for the upcoming year for your local sports teams.
  • Graduation Information: The time of graduation is a special one for every school. It’s best to mark this special occasion with announcements well in advance. In some cases, children may forget to remind their parents of the important date of graduation. Having LED signs for schools allows them to display graduation time and date information for the entire town to view at any time. Every school wants to have the maximum attendance for their graduation ceremonies. Research shows that the value of having a sign on your property is worth the same cost as 24 newspaper ads taking up an entire page. Certain schools use their LED board to display graduation messages, skipping the route of the newspaper.
  • Enrollment Announcements: Using LED signs for schools provides a way for them to display important dates. Nearly no dates are more important for a school than the enrollment period. You will want parents and children alike to be fully aware of what times and dates your school will have enrollment during. No school wants to have low enrollment numbers which could reflect poorly upon the school. Let an LED sign proudly display upcoming enrollment dates to ensure everyone attends.
  • In closing, there are several creative ways to make use of an LED school sign during the summer. Having LED signs for schools provides them with a way to promote local arts and theater events. Many schools have drama, art, music, and other clubs. It’s wise to use your LED sign to promote these local events. Many local businesses enjoy displaying positive and uplifting quotes for the community. You could display personalized messages for your graduating class. It’s recommended to use your LED sign to display time and date information for a graduation ceremony. Enrollment dates are best displayed with a vibrant and colorful LED sign. Following these tips will ensure you have information for your community even while school is out for the summer.

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