Four People Who Win When You Make Used Clothing Donations

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Have you ever considered making used clothing donations? When you take the time to make used clothing donations, everyone wins. Let us count the far-reaching impact that you have when you make used clothing donations:

  1. You Win When You Make Charitable Donations
    Being American puts us among the most fortunate 1% in the universe. All of our needs are met, and we have more stuff than we could ever wish for. Sometimes, we accumulate more stuff than we need and it turns into clutter. As our homes become cluttered with more stuff than we need, it equally clutters our brains. It becomes more and more difficult to focus. In fact, some psychology experts suggest that when we have more clutter than our brains feel like we can manage, it makes us feel out of control of our lives, and triggers a sense of anxiety.

    When you sort through your belongings and weed out the stuff you don’t use to make donations of clothing or other household goods, it clears out your mind too. There is something so rewarding about sitting in a room that is clean! On top of that, knowing that your unneeded and unused household goods and clothing are going towards a good cause gives you those warm fuzzies that make you feel better about life in general. When you donate your unneeded household items to charity, you win.

  2. The Good Guys Win When You Make Used Clothing Donations

    There are a lot of great people who run great organizations in this country. There are organizations that benefit veterans. There are organizations that benefit families in need. There are organizations that benefits veterans with families in need. There are organizations that benefit animals. Any cause that you feel strongly about, there is some sort of organization that works towards that mission.

    While the mission of charities might vary from one extreme to the other, there is one thing that all charitable organizations need to function: they need money. Many wonderful causes that could really move the world fail to ever take off because of lack of funds. Many amazing charities dedicate so much of their energy to fundraising that they don’t have as many resources available to reach their full potential. Many of these charities have thrift stores where they sell your unneeded goods and use the cash to further their cause. When you donate your unneeded goods to a charity that you feel strongly about, you are putting money in their mission. When you make a charitable donation, the good guys win.

  3. Your Local Economy Wins When You Donate Goods to Charity

    Sometimes your donations go directly to people in your local area who are in need. This obviously has a positive impact on your local economy. However, even if the cause that you donate to has an international mission, that benefits people in another part of the world (which is still extremely valuable and valid; Americans have so much and there are countries that have so little) you still benefit your local economy. Think about it:

    You don’t need your gently used shoes, so you donate them to an organization that supplies clean water to Africa. That organization accepts your donation and puts your shoes in their thrift store for a few bucks, a steep discount compared to purchasing shoes brand new. A family in your area needs shoes, but doesn’t have the resources to buy them new. They purchase your donated shoes for a fraction of the cost they’d have to pay if they bought them new (and buying new shoes sends money to a corporation, probably not in your local area). Now, they have extra money to buy food or other necessities, benefiting other businesses in your local area.

  4. The Planet Earth Wins When You Donate Clothes to Charity
    The amount of waste that humans produce is both alarming and dangerous. We throw away approximately 10 and a half million pounds of clothing every year; this ends up in a landfill. When you donate your clothing to charity, you’re giving your unneeded goods another life, keeping them out of landfills. Additionally, when someone uses your second-hand goods instead of buying new ones, it saves the planet all of the energy and resources that would go into producing it.

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