Four Shopping Tips for Finding the Best Exhaust or Duct Fans for Your Needs

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Are you looking for exhaust fans or duct fans for your industrial or commercial building? Choosing the best commercial fans for your needs is an important step in the process of creating a safe and functional space. To help you to this end, we’ve put together a list of factors you should consider:

Four Shopping Tips for Finding the Best Exhaust or Duct Fans for Your Needs

  1. Safety First!

    The safety of your exhaust or duct fans should be your number one consideration. The price of them, the noise they make, the difficulty installing them are all valid considerations, but none of that matters if the duct fans you use in your space aren’t safe to begin with. Identifying the safest fans for your commercial space depends on the function of the space. If the area involves a lot of moisture (such as a bathroom, laundry mat, or a car wash, or a swimming pool, you get the picture), your fans have different safety needs than if they are going to be used in a space that generates a lot of heat. Take in consideration the function you’ll be getting from your industrial or commercial building, and then choose your exhaust or duct fans to provide the highest level of safety to the people inside or around your building.

  2. Not Too Hot and Not Too Cold

    When Goldilocks was visiting the three bears’ home, the first bowl of porridge she tried was too hot, the second bowl was too cold, the last bowl of porridge was just right and she ate all of it. You should take Goldilocks’s approach while shopping for industrial fans. Overheating is a substantial problem with exhaust fans. If the space you’re using involves high temperatures, you should look for industrial fans with protection from over heating (this is something most industrial fan clients don’t even know is available).

    At the same time, the fan will not function as it should in temperatures that are too low. If you’re space is regularly in extremely low temperatures, you’ll need to make sure your exhaust and duct fans are properly set up to account for it.
  3. Make Sure it Can Be Installed
    Perhaps you’re a DIYer who plans to do your own duct fan installation. Perhaps you’re a little less of a handiman and plan to have someone else do the installation. Either way, the ease of installation will have a big impact on the cost of ownership for your duct fans. Keep in mind, the installation will cost more if it’s complicated to put in place (whether you do it or a trained professional). On top of the cost of installation, the cost of maintenance and repairs goes up the more complicated it is to install a duct fan. A few factors to look for that will ensure ease of installation include:

    • Straight-forward wiring
    • Motor and fan assembly that can be detached and repaired, without removing the entire unit
    • Mounting brackets that can be adjusted to fit any needs.

  4. Pay for Quality That Lasts

    The last thing you want is to go through the trouble of doing your research, buying and installing your exhaust fans, only to have them wear out or break down before you’ve gotten the juice you need out of it. A good-quality exhaust fan can last you well over a decade with proper care. If you skimp on quality, you’ll get half of that life out of it, or less. When you think about the price difference between the cheap exhaust fans and the industrial-quality ones is maybe 30% different, if you only get half the life from a cheap one, you’re actually paying more for it!

    A few qualities to look for in a good-quality exhaust fan include:

    • Exterior made of heavy-duty galvanized metal. If the exterior is safe and secure, the fan itself is less likely to be damaged as well.
    • Motors that have permanent lubrication. Lubrication prevents the fan from locking up. This is one of the most common issues that brings exhaust fans to an early death.
    • Non-rust components. Rust is the second-most common cause of fan deaths.
    • A warranty that last several years. The longer, the better.

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