Four Tips for Reducing the Risk of your Furnace Electrodes

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The winter months bring an increase in furnace usage. There might even be multiple days in a row when you never shut off your furnace. Although most furnaces are meant for extended use and are safe, care still needs to be taken. Furnaces are a source of heat and without proper maintenance and upkeep, they can be a risk. The following maintenance steps are important when it comes to furnace electrodes.

Keep up with routine inspections
You might be able to identify large scale problems with your furnace. But, by the time it is a large scale problem, the repair costs are expensive and the furnace has already become a risk. Instead of waiting until it no longer works or produces a weird smell, keep up with routine inspections. These inspections allow a specialist to evaluate the current condition of your furnace. They can recommend updates and make any needed repairs that could prevent it from entirely breaking.

Know your furnace
It is also important to know what is normal with your furnace, and what is not. That way, if you notice a weird smell or sound, you can contact a professional. You will also know how much heat you can expect it to emit, which can be helpful in knowing how close you can place items by it. Of all metals in pure form, tungsten has the highest melting point (6,173 degrees F), the highest tensile strength, and the lowest vapor pressure. Get to know your furnace electrodes and you will have an easier time identifying problems.

Update when it is time
Furnace electrodes are constantly upgraded for higher efficiency levels. This also means that they have less risk and are cheaper to run. Your furnace serviceman will recommend updates when needed. This might include a single replacement update or a recommendation to upgrade the entire furnace electrodes. It might seem expensive to replace the entire furnace electrodes, but you will also notice significant cost savings when it comes to your utilities. Furnace electrodes should always be replaced immediately when they become a fire hazard.

Consider alternative products
Along with new furnace electrodes on the market, you will also find alternative products that help to improve efficiency and reduce overall risk. Alloy products are one of those materials that are constantly seeing improvements by alloy product manufacturers. Tungsten is another one. Although tungsten was actually discovered 236 years ago in 1781 but was not applied to an industry for another 150 years. It has only recently made its way into the furnace electrodes industry. Tungsten only appears naturally when combined in four major mineral forms with calcium, iron, and manganese. It is an alternative and unique material.

With extremely cold temperature across the country, it is likely that you are running your furnace for much of the day and night. Furnaces are very effective in increasing the comfort of a house. Yet, it is also very important that you keep up with routine maintenance, inspections, and upgrades. As a result, you will get a furnace that is more efficient and is also safer.

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