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We all love having a nice, clean home to live in. If you go to a restaurant that feels a dirty, you simply do not return. If your office isn’t as clean as it should be, it might be irritating. Any of these environments might benefit from bringing in cleaning services.

However, when we talk about the medical field, using a medical office cleaning service is not just a luxury. If you work in the medical industry, you know that cleanliness is essential for preventing the spread of disease and protecting the health of the patients and staff. Using a good, professional medical office cleaning service is a requirement for any medical business.

Of course, not all medical office cleaning services are created equally. Before you hire a commercial cleaning service to maintain a medical environment, you should take the time to make sure they are equipped for the high standard of cleanliness that you need.

What makes a medical office cleaning service different than a regular commercial cleaner?

The level of detail that goes into cleaning a medical environment depends on the nature of the space. As you would imagine, the administrative spaces do not need as thorough of a decontamination cleaning as an operating room. If the space being cleaned is an optometrists office, the cleaning requirements are different than that of pediatrician’s exam room.

Before hiring a commercial cleaning service, you should look for one who is experienced in the specific cleaning protocols of your particular business. Look for janitorial services who work with other similar businesses in your area. It’s a good indication that the cleaning service is competent and prepared to provide comprehensive cleaning for you if they already understand the requirements of your area of medicine, and have a great reputation with other businesses in your field.

Looking for a janitorial service who specifically focuses on the medical industry is a good place to start. Medical office cleaning services exclusively provide professional cleaning for physicians’ offices, dental practices, labs, hospital rooms, and such. When you use a medical office cleaning service, they’re already familiar with your business’s cleaning requirements from the get-go.

And we say this without exception. The medical office cleaning service you use must be fully insured and bonded. For their own safety, and for the safety of your business, staff, and patients, insurance is a necessary requirement. Bonding ensures that if something were to go wrong, any damage done would be fully paid for. You obviously don’t want anything to go wrong, but only using a medical office cleaning service who has this coverage confirms that they are professional and accountable for the service they provide.

How much does a medical office cleaning service cost?

Since a medical office cleaning service must dedicate far greater detail to disinfecting and cleaning every inch of your medical office, it is no surprise that the cost of using a medical office cleaning service is higher than that of a regular commercial cleaning service. If you were to use a standard commercial cleaning service, you might pay somewhere around $18 to $42 per hour of work. Some commercial cleaning services charge by the area they clean, in which you could expect a rate of approximately .05 to .25 per square foot of the space that you hire them to clean.

On the other hand, using a office cleaning service that specializes in medical environments will likely run you about 25% more than the cost of a regular cleaning service. This equals about $22 to $52.50 per hour, or .08 to .31 per square foot.

Keep in mind that this is a rough average. The size of your building, and the cost of doing business in your geographic location might make this number more or less.

What should we look for in a medical office cleaning service?

When you are considering medical office cleaning services, make sure that the service you choose has all of the following qualifications:

  • Uses the standards set by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration for sanitation and cleaning.

  • Properly trains cleaning staff on disposal of contaminants.
  • Uses modern technology to efficiently remove dust, germs, and allergens from the air, such as HEPA vacuum filters.
  • Exclusively uses disinfectants and sanitizes that are hospital-grade.

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