Frequently Traveling Employees Benefit From Portable Offices

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What if you could work from any location? What if you could do so, without having to dedicate a part of your house to your office space? Used shipping containers are the new trend in mobile offices. There are currently around 17 million shipping containers in the world, with only 6 million of these in use. Approximately 11 million shipping containers are currently unused and could be converted into homes or offices for people. Used shipping containers make unique and useful portable offices for professionals in many different industries.

Construction leads
Many construction professionals find themselves moving from one location to the next. They may even travel to different states. Hotels can get expensive and you still have to find transportation to the job site. Used shipping containers, however, make the perfect on site resting spot. They are climate controlled containers for a break from the extreme heat or cold. They are also a great place to meet with individual workers for hiring or training purposes, when there is no office nearby.

Beach and lake workers
Used shipping containers can also be used for offices or break rooms for beach and lake workers. These workers, such as lifeguards and security guards, may be required to spend much of their workday outdoors. Without a place to rest on breaks, they can easily become fatigued. Buy used shipping containers to offer outdoor workers a nice and relaxing break environment.

IT professionals
Some information technology professionals spend their workday in an office, behind a computer. Others, are required to travel from site to site, working on the IT of a larger company. When they are away from home, they may not have a sufficient office space to handle all of the IT repairs. Having an on site portable office can be extremely beneficial, as it is equipped with electricity and allows the IT professionals to hook their technological devices to it. They also give them sufficient work space, even when there is not available space in the main office.

Specific focus is important when it comes to IT tasks. Studies of IT and accounting workers by researchers at the University of California at Irvine found the employees switched their focus from one project to another on an average of every 10.5 minutes and they were interrupted during more than half of their 10.5 minute project segments. The number of distractions and wasted time will increase when employees do not have a dedicated work space.

Opening staff
Restaurants and retailers who choose to expand their business often have a dedicated crew of openers. These are people who are experienced in hiring, training, and dealing with all of the necessary last minute opening preparations. Many of these openers are constantly traveling to new locations, wherever a new location is opening. Using an office container for sale can give them additional interviewing and training space, while the actual building is being remodeled.

If you are worried about spacing needs with used shipping containers, you may be surprised to find that they are very similar to actual indoor work spaces. The average individual workstation has shrunk from 80 square feet to 39 square feet this year, at least that is the average for projects that were taken on by Jacobs, a major design and workspace construction firm. You can realistically fit multiple work spaces into one single used shipping container.

You are likely to see more used shipping containers popping up as mobile offices in the next couple of years. There are too many shipping containers in existence, with a large percentage of them simply sitting in storage. Many industry professionals can actually benefit from a portable office, even one that is made out of shipping containers. Any employee that travels frequently for work, including construction workers, IT professionals, and retail and restaurant openers, will enjoy the space, privacy, and feel of a real office.

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Sarah Todd

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