Get Your New Pharmaceutical Product Approved Quicker with the Right Packaging

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For most products, using the right packaging is important to keeping the items safe as they make their way to the store but also in terms of marketing. Unlike other products, anytime you have medications, there are additional rules and regulations regarding their packaging. Blister packaging is often used for pharmaceutical products. It can incorporate foil and PVC materials to make it more durable but also uses lamination that can be peeled open to make it easier for patients to open. This kind of packaging can also be ideal to keep the medication safe and secure from damage. When a pharmaceutical company is working on a new product, the packaging is an important part of the development process. It is for this reason that many companies opt for clinical trials outsourcing of the packaging.

If your company is in this crucial phase of your product’s development, finding the right company to handle your packaging for the clinical trials outsourcing is a big deal. Here are some tips to make that go more smoothly.

Consider your relationship with your packaging manufacturer to be a partnership.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has very strict rules and regulations on the packaging of pharmaceuticals. When you are looking for a company to handle your packaging services, whether this pertains to clinical trials outsourcing or not, you should find a company and get them involved in the process early. When you have pharmaceutical packaging companies give you input early on, you can work together to come up with the best options for your product.

When your medical packaging design company understands the processes you use to create and develop new products, they can work with you. When you understand their processes, you can take them into consideration as you develop your new products. It really is a win-win. You can both work more efficiently and effectively when you begin to work together early in the development of your new products.

Prevent recalls by using higher quality packaging materials.

Your bottom line can be directly influenced by the quality of your packaging materials. This is not the place to scrimp by using inferior materials. The result of that can be expensive and damaging product recalls. If you invest more in making sure the materials used in your pharmaceutical packaging are top notch, your products stand a much better chance of getting to the patients undamaged. If after the clinical trials outsourcing process is complete, you send your new drugs out and they are damaged, it might be hard to say it was the packaging or that the medication is defective in some way. You are much better off just investing in very high quality materials for your packaging.

You can think about it this way, you can pay more for great quality materials or you can pay later when the cheaper materials fail at the main function of product packaging; to get products safely from the manufacturing site to the customer or, in the case of pharmaceutical products, the patient.

Go with packaging materials you know work and are liked by the FDA.

The kind of packaging materials do play a role in getting your product through the regulatory approval process. It is already fairly painful to get a new drug through the FDA approval process. You may want to try out new packaging techniques and materials but you should resist that desire. You need to go with tried and true materials and methods, such as the pharmaceutical blister packaging that you know works and is liked by the FDA.

By using the same kind of packaging throughout the drug development process, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to get it to market. If you have a lot of the packaging materials on site, even if you have used another company for the clinical trials outsourcing, you can reduce the chances of contamination of your new product as it moves from one phase of its development to the next.

You might think of your packaging as an afterthought, something to consider after your drug development process is finished. The right packaging solutions can make your process go more smoothly.

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