Go Green Or Go Home Customers Are Taking A Stand Against Companies That Are Falling Behind

Round clamshell packaging

A package can tell you a thousand words.

You can figure out whether or not it’s worth your investment based on the material you feel in your hand. You can learn just how durable it’ll be in the rain or snow. You can even determine the goals of the company and what they have to offer not just you, but the environment at large. Packaging these days is everything and a part of the buying experience you can’t afford to overlook. Whether you’re looking for ammo storage cases or just want to store your leftover food in a case that’ll stay fresh for longer, becoming familiar with the art of the tamper evident clamshell will do you a world of good.

Packaging has a long and interesting history. What used to be very commonplace in the past is being tossed out in favor of more eco-friendly and cost-effective measures. Do you ever mull over the consequences of choosing plastic over paper? Take that consideration and expand it to cover the world over. Studies have estimated as many as 150 million tons of plastic residing in the world’s oceans, a substance that not only refuses to degrade in a short amount of time but is also highly toxic to all sorts of marine life.

That’s not the only issue to worry about when it comes to clamshell packaging solutions. Of the over 78 million tons of plastic packaging products produced back in 2013, as much as 40% were dumped in landfills in multiple countries. Another 30% were ‘leaked’ into the environment, causing rampant land and ocean pollution. According to scientists, the world’s natural extinction rate is as much as 1,000 times higher than it should naturally be. When one species dies, many others follow suit due to their interdependency on one another.

How can an environmentally friendly tamper evident clamshell change this? Change starts small and more viable custom clamshell packaging can start a positive process felt by everyone the world over. Damages caused by improperly disposed plastic (alongside other hazardous materials) causes over $13 billion every year. Better packaging includes materials that naturally biodegrade, aren’t toxic to surrounding wildlife or plantlife and is easily accessible to a wide portion of the population. More box labels than ever are advertising the green efforts of the company.

Did you know customers are more likely to invest in a company based on their eco-friendly efforts? A West Rock Consumer Insights Study conducted last year saw over 25% of respondents saying the packaging of their product is a very important factor to their overall satisfaction. That’s up from just 18% back in 2013! This same study also saw 65% of consumers trying a new product because the packaging caught their eye. Smart design not only looks appealing — it communicates intent and gets across a lot of information with very little.

A blister package, also known as a clamshell, is a form of packaging that folds in on itself. This is a great way to minimize excess packaging waste while keeping the contents well protected. Customizable packaging solutions/options are the way of the future because they prioritize the needs of both the customer and the environment, using biodegradable products that are still visually appealing when put out into the market. Your fishing utility box or reusable clamshell storage boxes aren’t just useful items. They’re a back-and-forth conversation between you and the outside world.

Thermoformed clamshells are designed to hold in temperature as long as possible, while a user friendly clamshell can be helpful for those unfamiliar with the packaging method. A tamper evident clamshell is a great choice for food, particularly anything sensitive that needs to be stored consistently throughout the week. Green packaging is soon becoming the dealbreaker for most customers and will guide most companies’ hands as they progress with new products, designs and templates.

When you go green, you make green. How will you discern between your favorite companies in the upcoming year when buying your tamper evident clamshell products?

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