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When was the last time your updated your business sign? Were you aware that the value of individual effective commercial business signs is equivalent to having 24 full-page newspaper ads published every year? In case you haven’t taken out a newspaper ad yet, this is a considerable value.

Whether you’ve been in business for a while or are just launching your very first retail store. studies show that adding or changing commercial business signs can make a direct impact on sales. Furthermore, when businesses have replaced their smaller storefront wall signs with larger signs, they experienced an increase in revenue of 7.7%.

Since most, or 85%, of your potential customers will live and/or work within a 5-mile radius of your business, it goes without saying that you want to attract their attention. Outdoor LED business signs are an effective way to accomplish this. Electric business signs are noticed by people that pass by them, and approximately 37% of the participants in a recent poll stated that they did take the time to look at outdoor ads.

Digital signs can include a variety of information. In addition to providing updates on sales and special events, you will, of course, want your phone number and website address to be included. The poll showed that 26% of the participants made note of either the phone number or website address when they passed by on foot or while riding in a vehicle. In fact, 35% of the individuals polled indicated that they wouldn’t have known about the business if it weren’t for the signage.

Since many people make their shopping decisions while driving, having LED business signs can potentially influence their decision as to where to shop. The recent poll showed that 68% of the respondents sometimes or frequently made decisions while driving.

If it’s not convenient for these prospective customers to stop by your store at that time, they may do so later in the week. The poll showed that 32% of the respondents did visit a retailer later as a result of seeing their billboard or other form of advertising.

When you have the electronic signs for business, they can guide customers to your establishment. Since these are high-quality signs, your customers will also expect that your store is of the highest quality as well.

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Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd

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