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Have you ever heard the saying “Money makes the world go round?” As much a we’d like to think that’s not true, it remains a staple of doing business. Sales and marketing are an important part of almost every industry, driving sales and presenting their company in a specific light that can help boost revenue. However, finding good sales people can be tricky — you need a good mix of confidence, charisma, and persistence to do well in sales. Finding someone that connects well others both in your industry and company and with clients can feel like an impossible task, especially considering that studies have shown that around 40% of sales will miss the quota they’re given, a little over 20% are untrainable, and only a small percentage — 10% — will provide the company with a return on investment. However, if you play it smart and lean on sales recruitment companies to help you find good sales people for hire, you could make those negative percentages turn to your favor.
What Are Sales Recruitment Companies Looking For in Candidates?
Perhaps above all else, sales recruitment companies are interested in candidates who are willing to tough it out. Despite rejection or facing a challenging client, the people they’re looking for aren’t afraid to try again. Studies show that around 80% of sales that aren’t routine take at least five follow ups to go through. Over 60% of people interested in your company and what you have to offer won’t buy anything for at least three months and 20% won’t buy for a year, so you need to be able to stick with a client for the long haul. Sales recruitment companies know that the companies who are using their recruits won’t want them to give up on a sale after being rejected just once — and shockingly, almost half of salespeople do so!
In addition to being persistent, having a great personality and being able to connect and adapt to different personalities is a great asset. No two clients may be exactly alike and you’ll need to try different tactics out to see what works best. Being excited about the services or products you’re selling will also go a long way; people can certainly tell when you’re enthusiastic about your job and that genuine nature might help them convince them to choose your company!
Lastly, sales recruitment agencies are looking for people who can think well. It’s a well known fact that the most successful sales reps have a strategy already in place. Around 60% of sales reps enter into a sale with a plan of action and they’re over 30% more likely to eventually close a deal. If you have a good marketing base already, it’s likely that you’ll bring in a quarter more profits than those without that base and almost 8% of salespeople who used social media in their selling strategy sold more than their peers who did not.
Why Should Businesses Hire From Sales Recruitment Firms?
Sales recruitment firms specialize in matching people and companies together. This is their job, after all. They’ll get to know your business and what you’re looking for and be able to gauge what candidates they’ve interviewed might be right for your office culture and particular industry. Beyond choosing candidates, they’ll conduct interviews and background checks for the sales reps you’ll eventually hire. In some cases, many firms go beyond even the hiring process and help train your candidates and offer sales management advice. They also have a wide range of contacts in their business that will allow them a large candidate pool that’s well qualified for whatever your business might need. They also know where to start, where to post ads, and their fees are probably considerably cheaper than taking the time, manpower, and money away from your own current sales and marketing efforts.
Consider using a sales recruiting firm to find you new salespeople, should the need arise. It’ll certainly be a lot more convenient, and possibly even less expensive, than conducting a search yourself. In return, you’ll get smart, savvy, and dedicated employees: a win-win!

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