How a Creative Label Display Stand Can Attract Customers

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In the world today, consumerism is more popular than ever. With so many avenues of advertising and commercialism, a consumer has never had more options for shopping and buying items than ever before. According to a recent study, every day on average consumers will find themselves exposed to 3,000 ads and promotional messages. Most businesses and companies create products that are very similar in terms of product quality, and thus it is up to a business to creatively diversify themselves from their competition. This can be done through advertising and can also be done through creating a label display stand to bring customers in to your business. A new label display stand is not the only way in which your business can stand out from the rest. Below is a great guide as to how you should approach this new strategy of appealing your business to customers.

Think About What People LIKE

People like advertisements that entertain them. That is one of the reasons why Super Bowl advertisements are so famous now and why businesses are willing to empty out their pockets in order to have a Super Bowl spot. If a Doritos advertisement makes a consumer laugh, they are more likely to buy that bag of chips as opposed to another companies chips. A creative label display stand will allow customers to have a stage of initial intrigue before they even begin to debate whether or not they have a want or need to purchase your product. That moment is imperative because when you have that customers attention you have to maintain the attention. In todays world and economy, a consumer will make the decision as to whether they will stick with a brand or a buy a competitors’ product in the time span of 3 to 7 seconds. That window is short, so you have to make sure you plan your methods carefully. Grabbing a customers attention with a label display stand will then allow you to bring that customer into the store. Per a 2011 report, 86% of all consumers will pay more for a better experience. This study goes to show that consumers truly value an experience and being treated while they make their purchase. To add on to that fact, between 6 and 10 purchases within stores can be considered a “impulse purchase”. This goes to show that if you can get a customer inside of your store with a creative label display stand, the investment is definitely worth your time and money.

Every day consumers will spend money on something. It may not your product in particular, but money is going to be spent on something, so you might as well go the extra distance to put your product ahead and above the rest of your competition. A 2014 Mass Merchant Study revealed that 16% of all unplanned purchases came as a result of a customer noticing a display sign while shopping. A label display stand can help do your business plenty of good and there are even other ways to get creative and to pull customers into your business. Display racks, display stands, door sign holders, custom retail displays, and lobby sign holders can all help your business appeal to more customers and worth every penny spent.

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Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd

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