How Blister Packaging Methods Make Medical Products Safer And More Efficient For Consumers

Pharmaceutical packaging companies

What’s the most important aspect of a good product? Would you say it’s the quality that determines whether or not you return to buy more or the customer service that makes you feel like a valued customer? Businesses across the country are asking this question more and more as their client base increases, searching for the ever-elusive happy balance of a positive buying experience and financially viable production methods. Clinical storage and distribution is a field that focuses on the packaging and transportation of food, drink and medicine. Blister card packaging, carded packaging and carton techniques are but a few of the different methods used to safely deliver a product to your doorstep.

What Is Blister Packaging And How Does It Work?

Transportation and packaging methods have changed noticeably over the years. Businesses have put environmentally sound methods first and foremost, doing their best to save as much materials possible without sacrificing quality. The most notable aspect of b lister packaging is the cavity, or pocket, made by a formable web. This keeps the product safe during transportation and all but eliminates the possibility of punctures, leaks or tears. A blister package that folds in on itself is known as a ‘clamshell’ in the industry.

What Are Safe Packaging Methods And Why Are They Needed?

Millions of people need medication on a daily or weekly basis. Studies have shown three-quarters of medical visits involved a form of drug therapy and nearly half of all Americans have used at least one prescription drug in the past month. Because of this clinical storage and distribution needs to take into account the safest and most reliable methods of not just delivering their product, but making sure it’s properly administered at all times. Bottle packaging for pharmaceuticals, for example, are known for their wide array of cap options — these include child safe, the snap off and the twist off.

What Other Packaging Methods Are There?

Blister packaging is incredibly diverse and able to tackle any form of product no matter the substance or shelf life. High speed blister packaging allows for a large amount of product to be packaged in the most efficient amount of time possible — bottle packaging for pharmaceutical products provide bar code printing for easy identification, while liquid products are normally stored in pouches or sachets for simple opening and disposal. Some card blister packaging even gives the client the ability to add coupons with their products for future purchases.

How Often Do People Use Medicine And Will That Change In The Future?

Did you know doctors and pharmacies alike ordered and provided at least two billion prescription drugs during visits? Doctors and nurses also provided over 270 million prescription drugs during hospital emergency room visits, specifically. The medical industry is one that only grows by the day as new illnesses emerge and better technology for pre-existing conditions becomes more accurate.

How Is The Future Looking For Blister Packaging?

Analytical and research services work around the clock to analyze industry trends and ensure customers are always getting the best possible deal on the medication and food they need to stay healthy and happy. Clinical storage and distribution has only gotten better over the years, with businesses becoming ever privy to essential safety methods and environmentally safe models of production. Many pharmaceutical companies, to boot, are requiring customized packaging for injectable products in order to increase their effectiveness. Thanks to clinical labeling and blister packaging companies, your products are safer and more easily obtainable than ever.

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