How Fire Sprinkler Systems Are Proven To Prevent Injury And Save Lives Every Day

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Property management is an around-the-clock business. The responsibility of taking care of dozens, even hundreds, of people on a regular basis means attending to every major and minor need. Fire protection, however, is unique in that the smallest spark can become the largest problem before you can even blink. With apartments, condos and hotels some of the locations with the highest risk of a high-rise fire, it’s imperative you get your fire sprinkler services checked routinely. It can mean the difference between life and death.

Property Damage

Taking care of your property means not just finding solutions to already existing damage, but going the extra mile to take preventative measures. There are four property classes, as stated above, that account for half of all high-rise fires — hotels, apartments, offices and facilities that care for the sick or elderly. Every year both hotel and motel fires will cause over $70 million in property loss. Fires, however, are very easy to prevent once you have established systems in place.

Severe Injury

Neglecting to have fire sprinkler services means you are exposing your clientele for an increased risk for severe injury. The addition of automatic sprinklers in your buildings can reduce the probability for moderate to severe injury by at least 50%, if not more. Hotel and motel fires cause over 100 injuries on an annual basis, which will severely impact your customers’ confidence in your business’ ability to take care of them. The most important reason to have fire sprinkler installations, however, is to prevent people from being killed.

Death Rates

Fire is incredibly dangerous. Fire sprinkler services extinguish a flame before it gets any worse, but the most important thing you can do is keep fires from sprouting in the first place. Hotel and motel fires have been found to account for 15 deaths every year, with similar rates seen in related industries. The Fort Lauderdale Fire Department has received a 12% increase in calls for service over the past few years alone. From 2006 to 2010, additionally, American fire departments responded to an average of 6,000 structure fires.

Fire Prevention

There are many ways you can prevent a fire from starting. Perhaps the most obvious is being privy to the common sources of fire in your particular industry. Poor ventilation is a frequent reason for the accumulation of smoke in apartment buildings and hospitals, while hotels and motels need to be constantly on watch for poorly discarded cigarettes. Every establishment should have a clearly visible fire escape plan in place to assist customers and employees alike in case of an emergency. Last, but not least, you need to have fire sprinkler maintenance done every year.

Installing Modern Fire Sprinkler Services

A sprinkler can douse a flame, reduce its impact and buy additional time for fire protection services to arrive on the scene. The National Fire Protection Association (also known as NFPA) has no record of any fire killing more than two people in a building with properly operating sprinklers. Additionally, fires in warehouse properties have seen a significant decline over the past 30 years due to increased fire protection awareness. Irregardless, these numbers can be even lower over the coming months with a proactive attitude.

Call fire sprinkler services today and create a safer business for everybody this year and every year.

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