How Modular Buildings Are Replacing On-Site Models As The Superior Eco-Friendly Model

Modular building

Do you want to start your own Sunday school program? How about tutoring studio for community college students? There are a lot of big dreams out there that need a little help getting off the ground and this is where the modular building comes in. Built in a short amount of time with all the necessary amenities to function comfortably, this incredibly useful and eco-friendly resource is becoming more popular than ever as of late. Instead of spending an excess amount of money on expensive and static building projects, eliminate the middleman and go for modular or portable buildings instead. Below are the top five questions asked about portable cabins to help you know exactly what you’re paying for.

How Quickly Is A Modular Building Created?

Did you know some modular homes can be built in the factory in as little as one to two weeks? This incredible speed has cemented them as the go-to option for many with a project on a time limit. Keep in mind, however, that your unique project and specifications may extend this somewhat. Some of the more complicated modular buildings can be built and delivered in an 11 to 12 week span, depending. All in all,
this model is much faster than the standard.

Does A Modular Building Have Amenities?

Worried that your modular building could end up a little barren? Lay those fears to rest. While electrical, plumbing and duct work are not usually factored into the initial pricing, these can all be installed and in good time. Remember to double-check with your builder to make sure you have everything you need to make your Sunday school, tutoring building or art studio as comfortable as possible. Your additions could be as much as 20% more than the asking price.

How Often Is A Modular Building Used For Religious Purposes?

More and more people are reaping the benefits of these fantastic portable building models. Studies have shown one-fifth of Americans will attend religious services a few times per year. Additional studies suggest there are as many as 156 million people without access to churches or Sunday schools in the United States alone. When you take the initiative to create a safe space for people to practice, you’re doing some real good for those who have been hungry for options!

Is This An Environmentally Sustainable Model?

For those leaning toward eco-friendly, you’ll find plenty to love with a modular building model. The Northwest Portable Classroom Project conducted by Washington State University found out some interesting aspects about portable buildings and the effect they have on energy. Portables built to the 1993 code were found to be 44% more energy efficient than models built 25 years prior. Likewise, portables built to 200 codes were 20% more efficient than 1993 codes. As you can see, it just gets better and better.

Should I Use A Modular Building?

Not every project is the same. Some require a static position and heavy foundation to weather years and years of function. Others need to be built quickly and efficiently to usher in dozens, even hundreds, of people for a common cause. When you’re leaning toward the latter, school portables or portable classrooms can be the perfect meal ticket. The initial cost of a portable classroom was discovered to be between 36% to 70% of a more standard site-built classroom. But don’t confuse affordability with a lack of quality. These are highly functional, incredibly flexible and are very environmentally friendly. It’s time to have the best of all worlds. Try out a modular building and see the positives for yourself.

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