How SEO Companies Can Improve Your Web Design and Your Business

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Search engines are responsible for nearly all of online experiences. According to Search Engine Journal, 93% of web use now begins with a search engine. According to Internet World Stats, 78.1% of Americans now use the web for all of their needs. On a typical day, 59% of internet users are checking their Facebook or Twitter accounts, 28% are searching for information about a product or service they are considering investing in, and 59% are logging on to send and read e-mails, according to Pew Internet.

Even with those numbers, search engines are the number one source of internet usage. In fact, according to VentureBeat, web users are searching so much that Google now has to search 30 trillion indexed pages 100 billion times a month. If you want to take advantage of those 100 billion chances to get noticed, then your company needs to be using the latest SEO techniques to make that happen. However, if you cannot do that in-house, SEO companies can help.

  • Improved Click Through
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    According to Search Engine Land, 80% of search users completely ignore sponsored links in their search results, opting instead to choose organically high-ranked listings. A whopping 42% of search users prefer to click the top ranked organic search listing. By focusing on SEO web design, target keywords, and quality content, SEO marketing companies can improve your SEO ranking in search engines.

  • Greater Reader Retention
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    Poor Seo web design can lead to you immediately driving prospective readers away from your page. Ineffectively written websites can take to long to load, be visually unappealing to users, and far too difficult to use. Consider, according to TechNewsDaily, if your website takes longer than five seconds to load, then the majority of mobile users will give up and move on to a site with better SEO web design and quicker loading times. SEO providers can build you a better site.

  • Huge ROI
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    Companies that take advantage of SEO web design and other search engine optimization techniques generate much higher returns on investments than those that invest in more traditional forms of media. In fact, 57% of B2B marketers say search engine optimization has the biggest impact on their goals for lead generation. On average, SEO efforts yield $22 in returns for every dollar spent on SEO optimisation efforts.

  • Non-Search Marketing Improvement
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    While modern SEO companies are able to improve your SEO web design, content creation, and other services directly related to seach engines, there are still other important web marketing techniques to consider. Email remains an important part of web marketing. 93% of people still prefer to interact with their favorite brands through e-mail versus social media platforms. Do you have a strong e-mail marketing campaign? If not, SEO companies can help you develop one.

No doubt about it; whether you are looking for SEO web design or a revivified e-mail marketing campaign, Seo companies have the skills and resources to help you. In doing so, they grow your web presence and, in effect, your income potential. What are you waiting for? Contact a reputable SEO provider immediately. More like this article.

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