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Cnn business reporters don’t necessarily all have a degree in business. Many editors and publishers actually say that it’s more important for a person to have a good education. Of course, if you have a degree in business or extensive experience in writing articles that are similar to CNN business articles or even covering topics that are similar to what CNN business news, then you’ll definitely be ahead of the game in this respect. Not only could this possibly help you become one of the CNN business reporters but it could also help you make more money when you do so.

Anyone who has a love for the type of news that is found within CNN small business may be wondering how they can become one of the CNN business reporters. Well, there are a few things that you’ll need to do:
1. Get as much journalism experience as possible. This could come from working on the college newspaper. Otherwise you could always freelance for local business magazines before joining the ranks of CNN business reporters. Remember, it doesn’t matter what position you have, you can always move up to something better.
2. Cnn world business today requires a lot of knowledge about business affairs so try to get either a BS or an MBA in business if you’re still in school.
3. Develop a niche for yourself. For instance, you may be skilled at financial planning and thus be really good at accurately reading annual reports. This is a skill that business news desks will truly value.
4. Keep in mind that you may have to start off with a lower salary than you’d like. However, once people see how invaluable you are to them, you will get plenty of raises to make up for the initial salary shock you may have received.

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Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd

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