How Used Shipping Containers Can Provide Extra Office Space

Storage container modifications

What could you do with a used shipping container? Just about anything, actually, with a little imagination and custom modification. Around the world, people are putting shipping containers to good use, far beyond their original purpose. Housing, urban food production and pop up stores are just the beginning. Schools, businesses and government agencies that need more space can buy used storage containers to allow them to expand quickly and easily.

Why buy used storage containers?
They’re convenient, easily available and come in bright colors. There are a large number of shipping containers in existence, because it’s cheaper to ship goods by sea. There are as many as 17 million of these sturdy steel structures in existence around the world. About five billion are in active use, making about 200 million trips a year.
That means there are a lot of used shipping containers available for other purposes. While all kinds of intriguing and creative uses have been found for these, housing and office space are the most urgent needs. Storage space for residential and commercial use is always in demand, and a shipping container may be a better choice than renting storage units. They can also be used as garden sheds and workshops.

Going to work in a shipping container
For businesses and government offices looking to expand office space, shipping containers provide an easy and affordable solution. They can be custom modified with doors, windows and skylights, climate control, locking mechanisms, shelving, painting, etc. Awnings can be added and storage containers can even be modified to look like log cabins.
When office space is at a premium, steel shipping containers can give workers some much-needed elbow room. Researchers have found that when office workers have more space and privacy, they are more productive. They’re also healthier. For new businesses, steel storage containers can provide an inexpensive office building. They’re also a good choice for field and portable offices for landscapers and contracting companies, and for storage for commercial and residential use.

Used shipping containers are practical and ecofriendly
Made of steel, shipping containers are a practical choice. They need minimal maintenance and can last for up to twenty years with proper use. Made to withstand storms at sea, they can handle anything the weather throws at them while keeping people and objects inside safe and sound. They can also be locked securely.
Many businesses also choose to buy used storage containers because it is the ecofriendly choice. Reusing and repurposing steel storage containers means keeping about 3,500kg worth of steel from being thrown away. Reusing containers also saves on the materials like bricks, mortar and wood that would be used for a traditional building.

As people and businesses try and find cleaner and greener solutions, the ubiquitous shipping containers are attracting a lot of attention. You can buy used storage containers for many different purposes, like storage, office space, retail space, and even organic gardening in city lots. The only limit is your imagination.

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