How Your Food Service Business Can Be More Environmentally Friendly

Green packaging

Are you a business owner in the food service industry who is looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of business owners just like you are trying to do their part to make sure our planet is healthy for as long as it can be. One of the ways you can do this is to consider using green packaging whether you sell your product on a shelf or pack up meals for customers at the end of their dining experience. Below are a few green packaging products that are easy to transition to and can really help the environment:

1. Reusable Clamshell Packaging – If your business uses clamshell packaging solutions then you probably have seen the standard styrofoam product that has been around for a while. The issue is that styrofoam is not recyclable or biodegradable so it does harm to our environment. Consider switching to reusable clamshell packaging for your business so that your customers can choose to reuse or recycle them after use. Many customers also find these reusable packages to be more of a user friendly clamshell experience!

2. Biodegradable Cups – One easy way to switch to more environmentally friendly items in your food service industry is to start with something nearly every customer uses: a cup. Even in sit down restaurants where your customers typically drink out of glass during the meal there are sometimes customer requests for to-go drinks and for those requests you could be the restaurant to choose biodegradable cups.

3. Compostable Plates – So much of the world’s plastic waste ends up in the ocean that it costs around $13 billion a year in damage. Knowing this is just one of the reasons to switch from plastic plates to compostable and biodegradable plates. This is especially good for fast casual dining experiences and food trucks that serve food quickly.

The decision you make to switch to more biodegradable, compostable, and reusable packaging is important not only for the environment, but to your customers as well. Studies show that nearly 50 percent consumers have purchased a product because of its environmentally friendly packaging. Whether you switch to reusable clamshell packages, biodegradable cups, compostable plates, or all three, you will truly be making a difference. Highlight the changes on your businesses website, social media, and on the packaging itself! Customers will be proud to shop your products knowing that they are helping the environment while doing so.

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Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd

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