If You Want to Buy a Cruise Ship, Read This First

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Ah, the life at sea. For anyone who has ever been on a cruise ship, it’s likely that they’ve also fantasized about a life on the water. But in case you haven’t seen the Titanic, we’re here to tell you that life at sea isn’t always the easiest of endeavors. From total marine care services to finding cruise vessel parts and equipment from your vessel, owning a cruise ship is no joke.
But if you still think you have what it takes to purchase the next cruise vessel for sale that comes your way, read on to find out the most interesting tidbits and facts about cruise ships’ specialized parts and equipment, history, parts of vessel, and more!

Is it a ship or a boat?
Ever wondered why a cruise vessel is called a ship and not a boat? Well, it all comes down to its size, as ships are distinguished from boats based on both size and capacity. And definitionally speaking, a cruise ship or liner is different from other kinds of ships in the sense that it is designed to create an experience for the passengers, rather than just be a cargo ship for vessel parts or supplies. And to make even further distinctions, ocean liners are typically even bigger than cruise ships, with even larger capacities for fuel storage and passengers.

Cruises are a way of life.
In the tourism world, cruises are one of the leading industries. In 2011, cruises accounted for $29.4 billion of all sales in the tourism and carried over 19 million passengers. This is likely because cruise ships are a fun and enjoyable activity for the whole family.

Eat Up!
One of the main provisions most cruise ships provide is food. And considering the amount of people they need to feed, this makes a lot of sense! In fact, many eateries on cruise ships are open 24 hours!

Still think you have what it takes? If not, maybe you want to consider just going on a cruise instead.

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