Is Perfect Binding the Right Solution for My Business?

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Each year, there are millions of books and documented that are bound. It is incredibly important that you have the right binding solution for your product. There are a wide array of binding machines available made to suit many business needs. However, one of the most commonly used is a perfect binding machine. These machines offer binding solutions that are slightly different from what businesses normally use. In this post, you will learn more about what a perfect binder is and how it is often utilized for documents.

Print is one of the largest industries in the entire world. Recent research shows that print is eight times larger than the industry of video games. In addition, it was also reported that print is 59 percent more engaging than reading an article online. Therefore, finding the right binding for your document is extremely important. Print being such a large industry will naturally have multiple binding options. Coil binding machines are great for placing coils through holes in a document. If you’ve seen how a notebook looks, you will have an idea of what the final product of coil binding machines looks like.

However, some solutions will not be suited to automatic wire binding. Certain documents will need to be bound using a perfect binder machine. Perfect binding is a system in which a large piece of glue is melted. This melted glue adheres to the spine and pages of your document. The final product of perfect binding will be a document that has a flat spine and perfectly bound without the presence of coils. The spine, in certain cases, can also be used as extra space for printing. A company might either use the publication title or business name for this extra spine space. A perfect binding machine can give a document a little bit of additional room for branding purposes.

Perfect binding is common across many different publications including magazines, softcover books, and educational booklets. A wide variety of businesses may find themselves in need of perfect printing solutions. A study reported that print represented 80 percent of worldwide book sales in 2015. Many book publishers, both large and small, can greatly benefit from using a perfect binder.

In closing, perfect binding can be a great solution for a wide number of businesses. Perfect binding uses glue that becomes melted and forms the actual binding. Many companies prefer to use perfect binding because of its sleek appearance. In addition, a perfect binding machine can allow for additional printing to be done on the spine of a publication.

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