Is Your Company Looking for Packaging Designs for a New Product?

Clam packaging

When you first went to college for engineering, you knew that this major could take you in a number of different directions. You never imagined, though, that you would one day be in a job developing tamper evident clamshell packaging and other kinds of retail packaging. The plant where you work, however, has a diverse set of clients. Clients that will ask you to produce things as diverse as small utility boxes for jewelry makers and ammo storage cases. The engineering side of the company where you work is actually a pretty exciting combination of meeting the latest green packaging trends and continuing to find ways to make tamper evident clamshells and other self contained packaging products. And while you are not a part of the marketing department that creates the recognizable labels that come out of your plant, the marketing team works closely with your group whenever they want to suggest new packaging shapes and designs.
From packaging for medical products to research and development for packaging ideas of the future, an engineering career at a packaging manufacturer can be both varied and exciting. Consider some of these facts and figures about the continued development of packaging products that consumers around the world rely on:

  • A clamshell is a blister package that folds onto itself.
  • 26% of survey respondents indicate said that the packaging of a product is extremely important to their overall satisfaction, according to a 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study. This was an increase from the 18% of respondents that indicated the same in the year 2013.
  • 52% of people around the world indicate that they make purchase decisions partially due to packaging of a brand that makes a positive social and environmental impact.
  • 45% of consumers have purchased a product because the packaging was environmentally friendly, according to a 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study.
  • 66% of consumers have tried a new product because the packaging caught their eye, according to the 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study.

A career in engineering can take a variety of paths. In fact, with an engineering degree you may find yourself packaging the products that come off a production line or designing the machines that create those products.

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Sarah Todd

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