Is Your Construction Firm Looking to Establish a Presence in the Luxury Housing Market?

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While the market for heavy equipment parts continues to grow worldwide, what the average business does not know about construction equipment purchase and maintenance could be costing them thousands of dollars every fiscal quarter. Unfortunately, the most common cause of commercial engine cylinders and other heavy equipment parts is human error. Otherwise, your business can realistically expect its heavy equipment hydraulic cylinders and other heavy equipment parts to last more than a decade. Some experts even estimate that properly cared for equipment could last up to 15 years.

Hydraulic fluid power failures are often due to contamination, experts report. However, keeping up with filter changes can help keep hydraulic parts in excellent working order. Heavy equipment hydraulic cylinders and other heavy equipment parts generate more than $60 billion yearly in North America alone; although used and refurbished parts can certainly do the job, many construction outfits are looking to extend the life of their new parts. Excavators, aerial platforms, skid loaders, and trucks should be checked regularly and checked for wear.

Across the United States, a few construction firms are finding themselves on the top of a very select list. Architects are actively searching for top-notch construction firms to partner with: design/build firms are making heavy inroads into the custom luxury housing market. Construction firms that are tasked with the swift completion of a luxury build do not want to have to delay their builds due to substandard parts or contaminated hydraulic fluids: it is extremely important to start out with a trusted manufacturer or dealer of heavy equipment hydraulic cylinders and other heavy equipment parts.

What should I look for in a dealer? You really want to find a dealer with a positive, verifiable track record. Heavy equipment components dealers can help you find the precise part you are looking for, but not all salespeople are created equal. You need to look for service-oriented salespeople who can help your demolition or scrapyard company find exactly what it needs. Not sure if you need a five or ten micron filter? Experienced sales crews can help you thrive in a competitive environment. The best sales teams are more than willing to answer questions related to maintenance, storage, and transport.

If you currently have hydraulic parts that are being stored outdoors, you are going to want to look into moving them inside. Although heavy equipment hydraulic cylinders may be stored outside, experts recommend against that particular practice. You also need to protect the metal parts that are exposed, and you will definitely want to use steel plugs to seal off port connections instead of plastic. Experienced heavy equipment operators consistently report that they frequently check the “health” of stock that is in longer term storage; making sure that seals and connections do not degrade is essential for larger operations with less stock turnover.

Finding a heavy equipment operator that you can develop a long-term relationship with is vital to the success of any construction firm, regardless of size. Salespeople should be proactive and available for questions, and parts should arrive in good condition. As the construction industry continues to post huge numbers in North America, there is also an increased need to establish friendly and effective working relationships with parts distributors: luxury builds may require special equipment.

Should you purchase new or used parts? Which parts will store best, and how much storage space will I need? Reliable heavy equipment parts dealers can help businesses of any size find their way toward a successful future. The market for construction equipment and heavy equipment parts tops $140 billion yearly in North America alone, and experts say that the market is growing rapidly. The future of the American construction industry is looking good, and as the luxury and custom markets continue to expand, experts predict that construction firms should expect an upward trajectory for the next several years.

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