Is Your Home’s Water As Safe As You Think It Is?

Water quality indicators

In the summer of 2015, several people were infected with a rare but deadly bacteria after swimming in various natural bodies of water in Florida. While most survived, a few of these victims succumbed to their infections and, sadly, passed away. While these cases are extremely rare, they highlight a growing problem across the nation: decreasing water quality.

In America, about 44% of assessed stream miles, 64% of assessed lake acres, and 30% of assessed bay and estuarine square miles are not clean enough to support uses such as fishing and swimming. If you enjoy the outdoors or taking a dip on a hot day, then you understand how troubling these statistics are.

Even if you’re not into water recreation, you surely heard the news in 2016 concerning the water quality of Flint, Michigan. Many Flint residents were poisoned with lead and heavy metals after drinking from and bathing in the city’s municipal water supply. What can you do to protect your family? The answer is simple: invest in water quality testing kits for your home.

Water Quality Testing Kits

Every day, 2 million tons of sewage and industrial and agricultural waste are discharged into the world’s water supplies, creating polluted and unhealthy water. This unsafe water causes approximately 3.1 percent of all deaths worldwide, and 3.7 percent of DALYs (disability adjusted life years) worldwide. There are ways to protect you and your family, however. Today’s water quality analysis methods are cheaper and easier than ever, and don’t require large amounts of sophisticated equipment.

Water quality indicators measure the amount of particulates or other contaminants in water. If metals are present, then water conductivity levels will be higher. These water quality indicators are easily measurable with kits not much larger than a pack of cards, which can be easily packed for travel in case you might be traveling to the beach, a lakeside vacation, or any other water-based activity.

Water quality testing kits can mean the difference between clean or contaminated water in your home. Residents of Flint, Michigan made headlines when they began drinking only bottled water following the water crisis of 2016. While the case of Flint might be extreme, it shows that even in America, water quality remains a serious concern. Don’t get left with dirty water – test your home’s water today.

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