Keep These Things In Mind When You Rent A Small Retail Space

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If you are at the point in your business where you feel it is necessary to move into a small retail space, you are probably doing well. Maybe you’ve started small, out of your garage or basement, and have met or exceeded all of your development goals up to this point. Finding a small retail space for rent is most likely the next step you planned to take. Now that the time is here to begin looking, consider three important factors before you choose.

1. Make sure to factor in additional costs.

Your need for a larger space may bring with it a need for a larger bit of everything. Consider that the new space might not be readily equipped with the kinds of necessities a growing company like yours might require. There might be the need to renovate the space, making it more suited to what it is your company does. You might need more or fewer walls. Either could be the case.

A retail space for lease might need redecorating, system upgrades or IT adjustments. Make sure you budget for all contingencies when it comes to your new space.

2. Consider the image of your company when choosing your location.

When choosing your small retail space for rent, think about your company and the image you want to project to the public and the community around you. A commercial property for rent in one area of town might not project the same image as would a business space for rent somewhere else. Decide who you are and how you want to grow, then find the place that will foster that vision and get you to where you want to be more quickly. Don’t settle for a space that you’ll end up being locked into for a time if it is not the right location for you and your company.

3. Ask yourself, “Is this a space in which I and my employees will feel safe?”

A commercial space for rent is not a generic thing. Each space is going to be very unique. Make sure you take a look not only at the inside possibilities for your new location but the outside, as well. Is the parking well lit? Are there the correct ramps and accommodations for people with disabilities? Make sure that you are considering all of the aspects of the location.

If you have a business and are looking for a small retail space for rent or even a large commercial space for rent, take the time to factor in any additional costs that might be needed, consider the image of your company and if the location you choose will support that vision, and, most importantly, if your employees will feel safe and secure working there.

You want to grow your business and you’ve worked hard to do so already. Taking the time to choose your location will be a very important step in getting to the next level. Choose wisely.

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Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd

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