Looking to Boost Sales of Your Business? Try A Few Well-Placed Signs

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Have you ever been browsing store display racks or looking a deli or grocery counter and been frustrated when you couldn’t find the prices? You may have asked a staff member — or you may simply have turned around and abandoned the item you were considering purchasing. Having signs that list prices — or tell the customer what they’re looking at — is an important part of business that’s often overlooked. People know what to expect upfront and often without knowing it, feel taken care of and reassured that they know what they’re getting from the store. As a business owner, investing in outdoor metal sign stands, glass door signs, deli signs, and other types of signage is critical. Staff should be aware of items missing signs or price tags and notice when things are unclear. Actively working to stay ahead of customer’s needs and complaints is an important part of customer service — and good customer service can really boost sales.

How Can Good Signage Pay Off For My Business?

Studies have shown that full priced merchandise does almost 20% better when signage present than without. And a Brigham Young University study showed that merchandise generally — full-priced or otherwise — outsold merchandise that didn’t have a sign present by 20%.

Why is this? One explanation may be that customers can calculate the price immediately. If signs listing price aren’t available, they may dither about how much the item costs, giving themselves time to consider not purchasing the item. Generally, anywhere between six and 10 purchases in a store are “impulse buys.” According to a Mass Merchant Study done in 2014, a little over 15% of impulse buys were because of a display that shoppers noticed while browsing. A sign displaying a sale or special discount may catch someone’s eye and lead them to browse further. Shoppers make over 80% of their purchase decisions in the store, so there’s plenty of room for businesses to tantalize them into picking up more items.

Outdoor metal sign stands advertising a special deal or promotion may encourage passerby to come in and browse, and hopefully make a sale. Outdoor metal sign stands can also be a fun way to show the business’s personality — think of the clever coffee shop or bar signs that you may have pointed out to a friend or taken a picture of to share later.

Signs are also an economical way to market. To reach 1,000 adults for a sign or store merchandiser for one year is anywhere from a mere three cents to 37 cents, compared to $4.05 or $7.75 for just 30 seconds of commercial time.

What Kinds of Signs Do I Need?

The types of signs you need are dependent on your business. A grocery store will need deli case sign holders and clear price tag sleeves for the items. Flyer stands may advertise bigger deals at the front of the store and other smaller stands may be used for produce prices.

A retail store will probably have some free standing sign holders, display racks, a window sign, and potentially outdoor metal sign stands that welcome people in or advertise the daily deal. Dressing room signs or signs that denote elevators or escalators may also be needed, depending on the size of the business.

All businesses should have signs that list the business hours, prices, sales, and where to check out and exit signs. Creative retail display ideas are eye-catching and can go a long way towards getting people into the store and enthusiastic about the products.

Many people will feel hesitant about asking a store employee a question — they may feel pressured into buying an item or embarrassed to be asking. They may leave the store instead of asking a question that could lead to a sale for the business. Having prominent signs and well labeled items can help answer questions for the customer and encourage them to add a few more things to their shopping baskets before checking out.

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