Old-School With a Twist How Full Color LED Signs Can Increase Sales

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If you own your own business, you want to be standing out from the rest of the brick-and-mortar stores. You need something different that can lend you a little pizzazz. You might be at a loss for how to achieve that effectively without spending oodles of money. Advertising your business can feel like a full time job in it of itself, and you’re worrying about running the business, after all! Luckily for you, there’s a simple way to really stand out — try investing in full color LED signs or electronic signs for business. Everyone has a plain sign that advertises where they are, but something in full color or a marquee sign will certainly catch someone’s eye and maybe make them curious enough to stop in your store. You’ll be noted for being the fun and eyecatching business that’s doing something different and people may be drawn to your business simply because of your innovation!
Is Just a Sign Really That Important?
You bet! Despite the Internet and all the marketing you can do online, if you have a brick and mortar store, people are still going to need to find your store! Full color LED signs, marquee signs, or scrolling marquee signs can help lend a friendly and positive first impression of your store before the customer even steps inside. The sign marks off your space and lets people know right off the bat the goods or services you’re selling. Did you know that around 35% of people say they wouldn’t have stumbled upon a business if it hadn’t been for their sign?
Plus, a sign can provide useful information to potential customers, such as hours of operation, who the owner is, contact information, prices of any services that the store offers, and any deals that the store is having. Nothing draws a crowd like a big “SALE” sign in the window! If you have sleek signs that are effective in getting that sort of information across, it can leave a positive impression and entice the customer to actually come in the store in the first place.
Are People Really That Influenced By Signs?
Although we may not be directly aware of it, we pay more attention to signs than we think! For example, think about your daily commute — if you drive on a highway, there are probably quite a few billboards you pass; if you walk to work or take public transit, there’s a good chance there are signs and advertisements you see every day. And next time you need a service or product that those signs advertised, that particular sign might pop into your head, and you might visit the store or contact the business to see about those services. Studies have also shown that modifying or adding a sign can increase sales. Putting up a larger sign in front of a store can boost sales by almost 8%! Full color LED signs have the potential to bump revenue even further.
Additionally, almost 60% of poll respondents said they found out about a restaurant from a billboard sign and over 30% visited a retailer because of a billboard sign. Investing some money in a sign that people see often can really pay off. LED business signs that are on a billboard can really see a return on investment.
Even better, signs are pretty permanent. A study showed that around 85% of customers that frequent a business work or live within five miles of where the business is, so they’re going by the business pretty frequently. If you have an on-sign site, that’s as good as putting 24 full-page ads in the newspaper annually — except you only had to invest in the sign once! Just about 40% of people said they checked an outdoor sign every time they went by it and over 70% of people checked out roadside billboards.
If you invest in full color LED signs, you might be amazed by the increase in sales that you see! Do yourself and your business a favor by investing in signs and reminding customers that you’re around and offering amazing goods or services!

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