Over 80% Of Customers Would Avoid A Gym With Bad Odors Janitorial Services

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Nobody likes to work in a dirty environment. Few customers feel good about visiting an establishment that looks, at best, neglected and unkempt. When it comes to the benefits of green cleaning, the results can be felt, quite literally, by everyone. No business or institution that wants to cultivate a professional image should be caught with dirty floors, dusty air and unwashed door handles.

First impressions have been proven to outlast second and third impressions, even if subsequent knowledge is far superior. The benefits of green cleaning can ensure a business doesn’t lose customers from the get-go. According to a study provided by Harris Interactive, over 80% of adults would refuse to exercise in a gym that had cleanliness issues. Another 70% said they would also be turned off and seek out alternatives if they were constantly faced with unpleasant odors.

When it comes to health, green cleaning is often the barrier between a productive working environment and one that constantly produces sick and unmotivated workers. Indoor air pollution levels have been found to be 100 times worse than outdoor pollution. This is due in no small part to inferior cleaning products that actually contribute to poor air quality rather than encourage it. Studies have seen 80% of all cancers contributed to environmental factors, rather than genetic, and this includes exposure to poor household cleaning products.

There are a few lesser-known facts concerning bacteria that many businesses overlook, contributing to more sick days than they even believe possible. Bacteria is unable to survive in the long-term on smooth and clean surfaces. They can, however, remain for days on end from initial contact. This means commonly handled items, such as keyboards, telephones, desks and door handles can spread viruses right under your workers’ nose. It’s thought that up to 3% of the global burden of disease is due to indoor air pollution alone.

What other benefits are there to hiring regular green cleaning services? Not only will you be destroying the majority of harmful bacteria and reducing the spread of common illnesses, you’ll be tackling the harmful effect that many indoor cleaners have on your workers’ and customers’ health. Of the over 17,000 petrochemicals available for home and office use, only 30% have actually been tested for human exposure. The statistics below may come off as shocking, but should just be used as further reason to hire a green janitorial service.

A recent study provided by the U.S. Department Of The Interior found 30% of respondents saying they saw their office cleaning services not accurately meeting their needs, with another 25% saying something to the same effect regarding their ongoing recycling services. Whether you own a small business or oversee an educational institution, you care about the well-being of everyone that comes through the front door. The benefits of green cleaning services can be felt every single day of the year.

Look into regular janitorial services this year and experience a cleaner environment overnight.

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Sarah Todd

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